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Hewitt to St. John's? It makes sense...

Rumblings abound regarding head basketball coach Paul Hewitt’s departure to St. John’s. The Red Storm received permission to speak with Hewitt earlier this week, and a meeting took place Wednesday.

Now, it has been alleged that it’s a done deal if Hewitt can convince his family to relocate to New York City. St. John’s tried to get Hewitt back in ’04, right after Tech completed its run to the national championship game.

If you need to catch up on all the high theater...Mark Bradley has a nice piece about it HERE, and Doug Roberson has another informative article HERE.

Bradley has it right: It’s time for both parties to move on. Don’t misunderstand me...I’ve always liked Paul Hewitt. He is a good coach (his staff, maybe not so much), he represents Tech the right way, and he is a good person. However, when the fan base is as fractured as it is, there is no choice but to cut the cord. Ask Chan Gailey...or even Bobby a divided fan base works out in the end.

Hewitt departing would be a win-win for all sides. Apathy about the hoops program is setting in, frustration runs rampant among fans, and Dan Radakovich knows it. D-Rad has become a Tech icon by hiring Paul Johnson, and would get a statute outside the Edge center if he makes a similar hire for the basketball program...and he knows it. Hewitt undoubtedly feels the discontentment (Twitter, anyone?) and would benefit from a fresh start. In short, this is a marriage gone bad, and even Dr. Paul Weston can’t save it.

It would cost Tech over $7 million to buy out Hewitt’s contract. If Hewitt leaves, he would “owe” Tech about $3.5 million. I say “owe” because it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the conversation between Dan Radakovich and Hewitt would go something like this:

Rad: “So, you gonna take that job?”
Hewitt: “I’m set for life if I don’t; you know you can’t afford to buy me out. You spent all your money on Paul Johnson.”
Rad: “Res ipsa loquitur, there, buddy.”
Hewitt: “It’s cheap and inappropriate of you to talk about the contract.”
Rad: “I’m your boss, dummy. I can fire you.”
Hewitt: “Really? CAN you?”
Rad: “So, you gonna take that job? I know a LOT of great steakhouses in New York.”
Hewitt: “I bet you do. But we’ll see, about that ‘buyout’ it says I’ll owe.”
Rad: “Oh, that? Get me a Frosted Orange from the V and we’ll call it even.”

Stay tuned, folks.


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