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confused male
confused male
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        Lately a few of my homosexual male friends have been using the term “Heterophobic”. Being that I am a Lesbian I have often heard the term “Homophobic”, as well I have experienced homophobic behavior from people that I have been around, but “Heterophobic” behavior I had never witnessed or heard about. Tickled at the idea that any gay man that I knew could consider himself heterophobic, I decided to take a deep look into why so many of my male friends were using this new term. I found out that many of them were using this term because they were all running into straight men that appeared to be gay, and the fear of running into one of these men helped create this newly used term “Heterophobic”. Basically there seems to be a string of straight men that are frequenting local gay clubs and appearing to be gay, but when approached are claiming to be very straight. One of my friends has claimed that he approached two handsome men on two different accounts that he found to be attractive and were giving all the signals that said “I am gay and interested” only to find out that the individual claimed to be straight and just hanging out with friends. My friend now claims since these two incidents that he has a fear of approaching men, even the ones that may appear gay at bars or any other homosexual place of entertainment due to the fear that the individual could be very straight and uninterested. 
         I myself have always been a fan of heterosexual and homosexual people being able to party and hang out together; I do however find it very strange that so many straight men are opting to hang out at the predominantly gay venues. Maybe the world is changing with more and more heterosexual men becoming comfortable enough with their sexuality to hang out in predominantly homosexual entertainment spots? Straight women do it all the time, I can not count the amount of times that I have had my straight female friends hang out in predominantly lesbian places and let inquirers know that they too are very straight and uninterested. I understand the fear and the reason for this new term that is being used by gay men across the board and I hope that in time that it will just be a term used jokingly. I think with time and the way people are changing everyday, especially in our younger generation, terms such as “Homophobic and Heterophobic” will be a thing of the past. More and more of us are allowing ourselves to be accepting and open to the idea of difference, I hope that not only we will be more open to the acceptance of people, but also religions and other small things that divide us as a people.