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Hessler - the Hollywood Interview

Hessler at Loaded Hollywood, CA June 2014
Hessler at Loaded Hollywood, CA June 2014
ROCKwell UnScene MUSIC Magazine Melissa and Wes Anderson

Hessler has been on tour tearing it up - blowing out of "The Windy City" (Chicago, IL) and onto a stage near you. I had the chance to see them at Loaded in Hollywood when they hit CA on their most recent tour run. The band has undergone a significant change since I last saw them in the L.A. area last December. New to the band is the one and only Jess Kills on vocals. Here is a peek of what you can hear and see with the line-up change - straight from the band - all things Hessler.

ROCKwell UnScene MUSIC Magazine Melissa and Wes Anderson

Rockwell UnScene: How long has the current line-up been together?

Hessler: The current lineup with new singer Jessikill has been together since February of this year.

Rockwell UnScene: How long have you guys been on tour and where did you all go, and who did you play with? You can name just a few for highlights.

Hessler: The 'Ghost Dance' E.P. release show was on June 10th (2014) in Chicago, which also served as the tour kick off. We've covered numerous cities and states from Chicago to Los Angeles and now on our way to Seattle, WA then back home. This Ghost Dance Summer Tour has been our own tour, and we have played with cool local bands in every market. Each city has its own special qualities.

Rockwell UnScene: What are the plans for Hessler when the tour is done?

Hessler: We return home on July 5th, and kick off the second leg of the tour on July 21 - August 9th during which we will play the East coast as well as our first performances in Canada.

Rockwell UnScene:. What is the reaction of the change from the fans having a new singer? As I said before I have seen you with both and I liked both but in my opinion I think that Jess has a more metal voice and adds a harder, metal edge to the band.

Hessler: Jessikill does have a metal voice and is a much better fit for the band, esp. in regards to taking things to the next level. This is the general consensus from fans that we speak with in person to those that send emails and messages. The reaction has been positive from the day we released the 'Never Lost My Way' music video through this tour. We're looking forward to building upon it.

Rockwell UnScene: What is a tour experience that you would like to share? It can be from any of the stops on the tour.

Hessler: Non musical really, but our bass player Erik Michael fell asleep on Huntington Beach in California in shorts and a hoodie. He received sunburns on his face, belly button/waist area, and his shins were scorched. Sharing a photo of his pain brought more interaction than if we posted a porno. The Aloe Vera Prince is doing much better but we're sure it was something he will never forget.

So that was right from Hessler to you the fans. This is a band that I am a fan of and when they hit Cali I make it a point to see them. A Hessler show has all the elements of a great live band; energy, a great sound, and always awesome to the fans. So check them out and take a listen to the new music. As always support your local music scene and see you at a show soon.

Written by: Melissa Anderson,

Photo's by ROCKwell UnScene MUSIC Magazine

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