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“Hertz Technology Makes Renting Cars Easier”

Hertz- Marble Arch Outside View of the new London facilities.
Hertz- Marble Arch Outside View of the new London facilities.
(Photo by Hertz Car Rentals)

Interview: Robert D. Moore, Senior Vice President, IT Services & Chief Technology Officer of the Hertz Corporation.

SZ: Hertz is the largest car rental companies around the world. What are your strategies to keep track of all of the different departments, products and services in order to make them all more efficient.

RDM: That’s our goal. We want to be the fastest, easiest and most valued provider of rental cars for our customers. They are the center of our universe.

SZ: You integrate the latest and the next generation technologies. What is happening now?

RDM: New facilities combine the design cues that provide an upbeat energetic facility and also a new technology. We have I-pads available for our customers use. Our goal is for no one to wait. If that should occur, we provide technology to let you be productive or entertained in the mean time. High definition video kiosks complete transactions for personalized one-on-one experiences. This is technology enabled but with a human touch. We don’t want to lose that human touch.

SZ: You think of the customer in everything you do,

RDM: Another part of this equation is our employees. We have happy, engaged and well equipped employees. The facilities itself energizes the employees and they provide a good experience for the customer. It goes back to the customer experience.

SZ: Could you explain the Elio Car Sharing division of your company?

RDM: That is our 24-7 brand currently available in urban areas. Customers can Rent by the Hour. We provide a car without the customer having to interact with any of our employees directly. The car would be in different parking garages in areas around the city.

As a member, you can book the car of your choice on line or through your mobile device. You are allowed into the car with a key bob or key card. Soon customers will be able to use a pin number to get into their car. Return the car to the same location and we send you a receipt and you never have to come into one of our brick and mortar buildings or act directly with oe of our customer agents.

If you do have a problem though, there is a button inside the car. Just push the button and speak directly to one of our customer care agents.

SZ: You make it user-friendly, easy, not everybody knows the technical way.

RDM: Absolutely. One of the hardest things to do in technology is to make it easy. It takes a little more work and a little more effort. Sometimes we spend a little more money to make it easy. That is our goal.

Robert D. Moore

Robert D. Moore is the Senior Vice President, IT Services and Chief Technology Officer, for Hertz Rent-A-Car. Mr. Moore is responsible for facilitating the technology and architectural road map for Hertz products and services.

Mr. Moore’s primary responsibility is for development, architecture and implementation of “next Generation” technologies throughout Hertz-owned companies. Mr. Moore leads the technical integration between Eileo, Donlen and Navigation Solutions, along with recently acquired Thrifty Automotive Group.

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