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“Hertz Rents Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Other Super-Luxe Dream Cars”

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Interview: Paul Sheldon- Senior Vice President Operations North America, The Hertz Corporation.

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SZ: Hertz offers the largest collection of cars in the industry.

PS: We do, especially the Dream Cars. They are very popular
and bring out the happiness in people.

The Dream Cars have been a big hit for us as we have a lot of inquiries and customer interest about them.

One of the focal points of my job is reviewing the results of the cars. Which cars we should carry, which cars the customers like. It is interesting, their choices by geography. Some places do great while others do better performance wise.

SZ: That is very exciting, which are the Dream Cars?

PS: It is a collection of cars, as the name says, the cars customers dream about renting. The reputation that rental cars might be mundane is out the window now with the Hertz Dream collection. These cars get people’s excitement going. They normally would not drive one or have the opportunity in their lives to drive cars from this collection. Now we are renting the the Dream cars- the Mercedes, BMW, Ferrari's, Lamborghini's, Jaguars, Land Rovers, Porsche products and others.

Hertz likes to offer a mix of Dream cars and we do that on purpose. There are a diverse selection of Dream cars for the consumers.

SZ: We don’t see too many Lamborghini's, I am sure not many car rental companies offer them.

If I wanted to feel like a VIP during my vacation or business trip, I could rent one of the Dream cars.

PS: We have folks who rent them as gifts. If a husband or wife has the dream about always wanting to drive a Ferrari. We receive some neat notes from customers recording their experiences.

SZ: It is not only renting the Dream car, it is the whole treatment they receive with the rental.

We call it personalized White Glove Service. If the customer is flying into an airport, they contact us when they arrive. We give them a choice whether they wish us to personally pick them up or take the complimentary shuttle bus. At the end of the loan, we always take them back to their flight.”

When a customer rents a car, we take the customer through the features of the car. You can imagine these cars are a little bit more complicated with a lot of bells and whistles.

As the Hertz Dream Car website describes, “The Hertz fleet includes an $182,000 limited-production, special edition Lamborghini Gallardo Bicolore starting at $1,200 per day. Dream rates range from $250 and up depending on availability and location.

The Hertz Corporation has recently was recently voted Top-Rated for Vehicles in the Zagat 2012/13 U.S. Car Rental Survey.

The Hertz Dream Car VIP rental experience begins with a personalized reservation service, website and special telephone number (888)-296-9124.

Paul Sheldon Senior Vice President, Operations North America, The Hertz Corporation

Mr. Sheldon is responsible for overseeing the link between corporate and field operations, ensuring clear direction and consistency in all strategic initiatives. Mr. Sheldon drives continuous improvement at the divisional level, while maintaining a focus on expense controls to insure Hertz achieves expense savings targets and efficiencies.