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Hershey announces new candy products for Easter

Hershey almond eggs are a new product this year.
Hershey almond eggs are a new product this year.

According to Hershey's Third Annual Bunny Trail, the company has released its seasonal favorites that will be available in stores this year, along with a list of new products. Easter is one of Hershey's biggest holidays for sales, right up there with Christmas, Halloween, and Valentines Day. Amazon sellers have already started sending in Easter candy but the market for the new items may still have room for some competition.

The new products introduced for 2014 are:

Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Covered Almond Eggs
Jolly Rancher Easter Shape Lollipops
Whoppers Robin Eggs Decorate Your Own Eggs Box

As of this writing, there are no listings for the Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Covered Almond Eggs. That can be an opportunity for Amazon sellers once they start showing up on store shelves. Sellers using Amazon's FBA system should use caution when sending in quantities of this product to warehouses since all meltables have to be out of the warehouses by April 30.

There is one listing for Jolly Rancher Easter Shape Lollipops, in a pack of 24 sold by Amazon, not a third party seller. A good opportunity here would be smaller multi-packs - most consumers won't want to purchase 24 bags. Sales rank is 139,000 in grocery and gourmet food, but expect this to drop as Easter approaches.

There is one listing for Whoppers Robin Eggs Decorate Your Own Eggs Box. It is a single 6 ounce box and is an Add-On product, which means it cannot ship by itself. A buyer must purchase other qualifying items to even purchase the item. Amazon is the only seller at this time.

Amazon currently shows 4,980 listings in the grocery and gourmet food category with the keywords "Easter candy." 848 of those listings, or 17% are Prime Eligible, which leaves a huge opportunity for third-party sellers to fill in the gaps by sending in products to Amazon warehouses. If creating product offerings, sellers should focus on making multipacks or bundles big enough to avoid becoming Add-Ons. Sellers may want to focus on non-chocolate candies such as lollipops, hard candies, marshmallow candies (like Peeps), Nerds, Sweet Tarts, and other products that don't have to be removed by April 30.

Get more information about Hershey products buy using #BunnyTrail hashtag on social media.

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