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Heroin Happy Meal: Another McDonald's employee busted for selling drugs

Heroin Happy Meals sold here - until drive-thru worker was busted
Heroin Happy Meals sold here - until drive-thru worker was busted

Heroin Happy Meals at a McDonald’s restaurant in Pittsburgh were being sold to persons who said, “I’d like to order a toy,” according to an ABC News report on Friday.

Shania Dennis, 26, of East Pittsburgh, was charged this week with selling heroin in Happy Meals to customers who stated the code words in the drive-thru. Authorities in Allegheny County arrested Dennis after someone told the authorities that someone at the McDonald’s I the East Liberty neighborhood in Pittsburgh was selling drugs inside Happy Meals.

All a customer had to do was drive up to the drive-thru, say “I’d like to order a toy,” then pay at the window. In return, the drug-purchaser would get a Happy Meal box with heroin in it.

Though caught in the act by an undercover operation, Dennis denied charges of wrongdoing – as she was taken away from the McDonald’s restaurant in handcuffs. The denying woman was found to have 50 bags of heroin including 10 bags found in a Happy Meal box.

This wasn’t the first incident of selling drugs via a McDonald’s restaurant. Earlier this month, another McDonald’s employee was arrested for selling heroin at a McDonald’s in Murrysville which is near Pittsburgh.