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Heroin Happy Meal: 50 bags recovered, woman used job to sneak drugs as 'toys'

A heroin Happy Meal is not the newest product offered at McDonald’s restaurants, but rather what one woman was offering certain guests that asked for specific “toys” with their meals. A female employee from a McDonald’s in local Pittsburgh was arrested this week for reportedly sneaking heroin into boxes and selling the drug within a number of Happy Meals. Over 50 bags were recovered from the worker’s belongings at the time she was taken into custody, reveals CBS News this Thursday, Jan. 30, 2014.

A sample Happy Meal provided by McDonald's
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The heroin Happy Meal arrest came about after a careful investigation conducted by police officers confirmed that the woman in question — employee Shania Dennis — was indeed using McDonald’s Happy Meals as a discreet form of selling the illegal drug. She was taken into custody once a District Attorney Narcotics Enforcement team found evidence of the female worker using the fast food locale to provide heroin to readily available buyers in need of the illicit substance.

A number of undercover agents and drug officers were said to have surrounded the area this Wednesday afternoon as part of a controlled “purchase” plan. Apparently, the woman was using her job to sneak out drugs and make a lot more than just the minimum wage.

According to the press release on these heroin Happy Meals, all customers that knew about the drug and wanted to buy the narcotic were allegedly said to go through the drive-thru during one of Shania Dennis’ shifts and specifically say to her, “I would like to order a toy.” Afterwards, they would drive up to the first window and pay a pretty penny for a Happy Meal box that in fact held not just food, but actual heroin.

Police also noted in their arrest report: “At least 10-stamp heroin bags were recovered inside a single Happy Meal box, as well as an additional 50 bags then recovered from the suspect’s person a short while later.”

While investigators continue to examine the case, it remains a mystery for just how long the woman and former McDonald’s employee — she has evidently been fired from her position — has been keeping up her drug exchange.

A former McDonald's worker from Pennsylvania was also said to be arrested this Jan. 2014 for trying to sell heroin during his shifts at the fast food restaurant.

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