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Heroic pony: Mare fiercely protects her baby in barn fire

A heroic pony is getting national attention for her motherly instincts kicking in and going above and beyond. A mare and her foal were in a Texas barn fire and their story is touching heart.

Bella was going to do everything she could to protect her baby, Butterscotch. USA Today reports that the heroic pony managed to back her baby into the corner of a barn that was completely on fire in early April. Debris was falling all around them and other animals had already died, such as chickens and sheep. Firefighters later found Bella blocking Butterscotch from all the danger in a corner.

Butterscotch got away with just a few burns, but Bella was severely injured from burns and falling debris. Luckily, the brave pony made it through her medical treatments and rehabilitation. The mare and foal were never far apart, the report added. Bella is on her way to recovery.

This is the kind of story that proves how remarkable animals truly are. They have strong instincts that yield the same kind of protective nature human beings often feel. In some cases, animals can teach humans a lesson in how to put others first. The heroic pony story illustrates the courage horses and ponies have within them.

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