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Heroic Border Patrol saves US from Boy Scout threat

There are things which simply seem to good to be true. Then there are things simply too interesting to not be true. Then there are things which are so outlandish and bizarre that everyone should hope that they can't possibly be true. This is one of those incidents.

Apparently a Boy Scout troop from central Iowa was detailed, and one young scout held at gunpoint (a point which the Border Patrol disputes), when returning to the good old U S of A from a trip to Alaska through Canada after a troop member snapped a picture of a border guard as their caravan passed. You can see more here: You can't take a picture of a government agent or government building? Really?

So if the White House is in the background of your holiday picture of Mom and Dad and Sis, you face prison and fines? If a federal agent happens to inadvertently photobomb you in a restaurant when you and a friend take a selfie, you might have your camera taken away?

Seriously, we hope that such incidents aren't as bad as they seem, although it is difficult to imagine how it could be worse even assuming (as we should; we must play fair to all involved) that no gun was actually drawn. We should remember too that one bizarre incident does not indict an entire system. Still, have the absurdities involved in Americans merely returning to their home country gotten so bad that a group so apple pie as the Boy Scouts are suspected of treasonable behavior over something which was surely innocent, which was surely meant only for a photographic montage? We suppose that they might be terrorists in disguise smuggling in a dirty bomb.

No, we suppose not. That the trip of a young lifetime should end so ingloriously is nothing short of insane. We're still hoping that it did not actually happen.

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