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Heroes of Cosplay: season 1, episode 7 – Stan Lee’s Comikaze

Pictures from season 2, episode 1 of Heroes of Cosplay.
Pictures from season 2, episode 1 of Heroes of Cosplay.

Heroes of Cosplay returned yesterday with a new and improved reality show competition featuring a more gender-balanced team. The men include Miguel Guifarro, Carl Martin, and returning cosplayers Jesse Lager. Holly, Jessica and Chloe (the focus of the show) shop together at Artists Materials for their supplies. Here’s hoping that they’ll spend more time on the art of cosplay and less backbiting each other.

The first episode takes place in Los Angeles at Stan Lee’s Comikaze, which draws upwards of 20,000 people each year. It’s immediately obvious that the women have been glammed up – better makeup, better lighting, and we can only hope, better attitudes.

Holly will cosplay as Yveltal from Pokemon Y and Jessica as its Poketrainer. Holly and Jessica ask Chloe to join them, who in turn asks them to participate in a “Ladies of the Internet” competition by dressing up in burlesque. Which unfortunately means that even Jessica and Holly, who are much happier being geeky than sexy, are now showing a lot of skin in their cosplay. Holly dresses as deviantart, and Jessica dresses as WebMD. Chloe decides to go as the Gijinka (cartoon humanized) version of Fennekin. And oh yeah, Holly and Jessica are also creating their own booth for Crabcat Industries.

Indra participates in the obligatory “mentoring” session with Yaya Han. Yaya encourages Indra to compete (CRAZY!) and Indrea decides to cosplay as She-Ra. As much as Yaya would like to attend, she’ll be at a guest at Arte Cosplay, an international cosplay event in Buenos Ares. It’s a networking event with lots of photo shoots. Yaya cosplays as Sheryl Nome, one of the main characters of the anime Macross Frontier.

Jesse returns, along with his girlfriend Chin Chin. An encounter at an arcade convinces him to cosplay as MegaMan. Jesse’s specialty is armor, so this should be interesting.

The judges:

  • Frank Ippolito, makeup artist who was from Face Off (and weirdly doesn’t get a shout out from the Syfy channel at all)
  • Lauren Bregman of Castle Corsetry, coxtume designer
  • Ivy Doomkitty, master cosplayer
  • Annisse Damefatale, master cosplayer

The group grand prize is $3,000, the solo prize is $2,000. The judges are looking for quality of craftsmanship, attention to detail, and overall wow factor. And the winners are:

  • Solo 3rd Place: Maleficent
  • Solo 2nd Place: Saint Seiya
  • Solo 1st Place: Skull Kid
  • Group Winner: Metal Gear Rising

In short, none of the Heroes of Cosplay won a competition, which isn’t unusual for this show.

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