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Heroes of Cosplay: season 1, episode 9 - Animate Miami

Heroes of Cosplay: Season 2, Episode 3
Heroes of Cosplay: Season 2, Episode 3

Another episode, another competition in Miami. Holly, Jessica, and Chloe (who now seem to be a matched set) casually discuss a meeting at Bioware in which Chloe gets the opportunity to cosplay a character from Dragon Age, Morrigan.

Meanwhile, Carl brings up the male quotient on Heroes of Cosplay to two. He decides to create the mannequin monster from "Silent Hill: Revelation." Miguel, the third male cosplayer, decides to go as Blackwargreymon from Digimon, which looks cool but sounds like a random collection of nouns.

And oh yeah, Yaya will be a judge at Animate Miami. She decides to go as Princess White Rose, a character from the classic video game Saga Frontier. The other two judges include Sushi Monster, hair and makeup artist, and Zippertan, veteran cosplayer. Contestants compete for prizes worth over $2,000. And the winners are:

  • Judge's Award (Yaya): Hiccup with Toothless Plushie
  • Judge's Award (Sushi Monster): The Legend of Korra group
  • Judge's Award (Zippertan): Guts from Berserk
  • Best Group Overall: Holly, Jessica, and Chloe of Dragon Age
  • Individual Award: Jak from Jak and Dexter
  • Individual Journeyman: Spartan from HALO
  • Best in Show: Space Marine from Warhammer 40,000

This is the first time in awhile that anyone on Heroes of Cosplay actually won the competition. That said, Carl's insanely ambitious mannequin monster costume demonstrated that there's definitely a bias against horror in cosplay competitions. It doesn't seem like grotesque and gory costumes do well. Although neither Carl nor Miguel win, they're good sports about it and promise to try harder next time.

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