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Heroes of Cosplay: season 1, episode 12 - Wizard World New Orleans

Scenes from episode 12.
Scenes from episode 12.

Last night's episode picks up where episode 11 left off, at the massive Wizard World Event. Yaya is hosting the group competition, cosplaying as Enira, the Banshee Queen from Lineage 2, which requires stilts. Holly, Jessica and Chloe plan to enter the group competition as Peter Pan's Labyrinth, as filtered through Guillermo del Toro's lens: Jessica as Peter Pan, Holly as Hook, and Chloe as Wendy. Riki (Tira), Katie (Sophitia) and Indra (Hilde) are going as Soul Calibur characters as a group.

Katie spends most of the time whining about how she's not going to get her outfit done and trying to convince her teammates to abandon her. Riki and Indra finally decide to just help her. The Peter's Pan Labyrinth gang attempts to practice their skit outside. In the rain. Meanwhile, Yaya stresses about her stilts costume.

Holly, who had contact lenses problems last time then ended with her being rushed to the emergency room, decides to press ahead with cheaper versions of "scary-looking" contact lenses because they look cool, but apparently hurt a LOT. Of the three costumes, Holly's demonic-looking Captain Hook is the centerpiece. And oh yeah, Katie is still not finished with her costume.

And then disasters start happening in rapid succession. Yaya Han gets announced before she's ready. And the judges for the group contest, in addition to Yaya, include Ivy Doomkitty (Master Cosplayer) and Ryan Frye (Thor?).

And Katie manages to make it just as the team is about to go up on stage -- an amazing coincidence! The Soul Calibur team looks great, if a little stiff. Peter Pan's Labyrinth on the other hand is a surprisingly intricate, well-rehearsed show (all without any words). And the winners are:

  • Honorable Mention: Soul Calibur
  • Best Skit: Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (which Heroes of Cosplay didn't see fit to share)
  • Best in Show: Peter Pan's Labyrinth

So this episode has every contestant winning something, a fitting end to the season finale. And despite all the complications, Yaya didn't trip.

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