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Heroes of Cosplay: season 1, episode 11 - Wizard World New Orleans

Heroes of Cosplay: season 1, episode 11 - Wizard World New Orleans
Heroes of Cosplay: season 1, episode 11 - Wizard World New Orleans

Last night's episode takes place at the massive Wizard World Event where not one but two costume contests take place. This episode is jam-packed as just about every Hero is in it.

Yaya will be busy there: she's judging the individual competition and hosting the group competition. She planes to go as Enira, the Banshee Queen from Lineage 2, which requires stilts. Meanwhile, Holly, Jessica and Chloe plan to enter the group competition as Peter Pan, as filtered through Guillermo del Toro's lens: Jessica as Peter Pan, Holly as Hook, and Chloe as Wendy. Carl decides to go as Haunt. Jesse decides to go as Thorin Oakenshield from the Hobbit -- finally, a costume PERFECT for Jesse! Miguel decides to go as Shazam from Injustice the video game. And finally, Riki (Tira), Katie (Sophitia) and Indra (Hilde) are going as Soul Calibur characters as a group.

Yaya speaks to Museum Replicas to talk abou a web series titled Archangel, the "Batman of the Steampunk Victorian era." They asked her to play the role of Jasmin Synn, the warold of London, and also design the costumes. The fact that this is an unknown character spooks Yaya as she might not be recognized, but the design is quite complimentary to the New Orleans aesthetic. Also, Jesse's costume looks awesome.

Eric "The Smoke" Moran hosts the cosplay challenges before a massive crowd. And the judges are:

  • Ryan Frye, actor (dressed as Thor for a reason)
  • Ivy Doomkitty, master cosplayer (dressed as Power Girl)
  • Jason David Frank, actor ( green, cause he's Green Power Ranger?)
  • and Yaya Han

The judges grade on craftsmanship and performance. And the winners are:

  • Honorable Mention (Ivy Doomkitty): Doctor's Worst Nightmare
  • Honorable Mention (Yaya Han): Shazam
  • Honorable Mention (Ryan Frye): Radagast
  • Honorable Mention (Jason David Frank): Green Power Ranger
  • Best Male Hero: Thorin (Jesse finally wins one!)
  • Best Female Hero: Hawkgirl
  • Best Female Villain: Female Loki
  • Best Male Villain: Arkicide Demonicus
  • Best in Show: The Dalek

The group contest will be covered in the next episode.

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