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Heroes and villains emerge in Episode 3 of 'The Biggest Loser'

By the time The Biggest Loser reaches the third episode of each season, viewers begin to get a sense of the personalities involved and the storylines that will develop. And frankly, the show isn't much fun until you connect with players you feel like rooting for. Last night's episode provided that and much more.

Good guys and bad guys

Below are some of the major themes that are emerging:

  • Migdalia, the daughter half of the Green Team, is angry and unhappy with herself and events in her life, but keeps suppressing her issues and her emotions.

  • Michael from the White Team -- the largest contestant ever on the show -- is regarded as a slacker by most of the others.

  • Melissa of the Red Team (who lost only 1 pound this week) has been throwing the weigh-in for two weeks in a row; Bob and Jillian are disgusted by her ongoing claims that she's working hard..

  • Gray Team cousins Sam and Koli are the big-hearted good guys determined to push themselves, even on a week when they win immunity.

  • Now that the Brown Team twins have been split up with only John remaining , he's coming across as a dedicated contestant who is taking his time on the ranch seriously.

Throw momma under the bus

What's interesting about a season that features 11 teams -- 8 of which are parent/child combos -- is that we'll see parental sacrifice played out again and again as each team falls below the yellow line.

Last week Patti of the Purple Team threw herself under the bus so that daughter Stephanie could stay. This week, Maria -- who's been doing so much better on the ranch than her slacker son Michael -- told the others to vote her off, which they did.

But how much sacrifice is too much? In nearly every parent/child team, the child is much heavier than the parent and not as competitive.

Early favorites

The drama looks like it'll revolve around Michael, who isn't working to his full potential and has already made things complicated for the other players during this week's immunity challenge; Migdalia, whose stony-faced demeanor may take several episodes to crack; and Sam and Koli, who are looking like early favorites for the Season 9 Biggest Loser title.


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