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Hero: young army soldier flies home from war to donate liver to dying granddad

American soldiers are tough, always combat ready and most definitely the most celebrated armed forces heroes in the world. Yet for a dying grandfather one American soldier holds a special meaning of hero in his heart. That’s because according to Fox News, Army Specialist Ricky Glenn Henderson who is serving on duty in Afghanistan is returning home to donate liver to his dying grandfather.

Hero - Army soldier flies home from Afghanistan to donate liver to dying grandfather
photo credit - Miami Newsday

There was no second thought about donating the gift of life to his grandfather who himself was an army soldier in the Vietnam War. Duty to country and to family is instilled deep in his Texan roots and now duty is calling him home to help his 62-year-old grandfather Rickey Homer.

For the soldier hero the pride is bursting in his chest in flying home to Texas to donate 60 percent of his liver. He proudly stated, “The loss and the regret of me not doing anything would have outweighed this. I’m the firstborn grandson; I carry my grandfather’s name,reported Fox News.

His grandfather had some misgivings about the 21-year-old combat soldier donating. “He’s like, ‘Why? You’re young,’” Henderson said, reported Fox News. Yet the determined grandson insisted and reminded his grandfather, “‘you’re my granddad. I want to do this. You still have stuff that you need to be around for.’”

Honor, duty country and family is what Henderson and his family are all about and certain there are no shortage of heroes in this Texan clan. From one generation to the next sacrifice is part of their strength. Just ask Army Specialist Henderson.

More importantly just ask his granddad who proclaimed, “People don’t understand what a hero is until something like this happens,” he said, according to Fox News.

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