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Hero training for Family Shelter Service

Be a Hero for Hope
Be a Hero for Hope
Family Shelter Service

Depending on your level of commitment, as well as your physical ardor, will depend on what level you would like to participate in the Family Shelter Service (FSS) Be a Hero for Hope 10K/5K Run-Walk. The event takes place on Sunday, September 28th at the Downers Grove North High School and participants can choose to go hardcore and participate in the 10K or low-key and either run or walk the 5K. The important part is that you choose to participate!

Do you realize that there are approximately 2,000 adults and children right within our own community that are serviced by FSS annually? That is just wrong, but what is right is that you can literally change lives by participating in an event of this magnitude!

Amanda, an FSS staffer, decided she wanted to become a hero for hope, so a few short weeks ago, she decided that it would most likely take some working out in order to be ready for either the 5K or the 10K, so she began walking up the steps at the Shelter. While she was pooped by doing so, she rethought her process and decided to employ the help of Ian Matthews, owner of Primal Fit Training in Westmont and Hinsdale to help her in her quest of hero-hood.

Matthews, a trainer for Primal Fit and run sponsor for the second year in a row, has offered to not only help Amanda by providing her with some training tips, but he is willing to help any other ‘Hero in Training’ get in shape for the big day. He is ready to show you how to maximize the time you have left by getting fit and being ready for the event of your choosing.

Along with suggestions on which event you would like to tackle, Ian will provide regular updates to all runners, walkers, strut-ters or strollers that are willing to participate in either the 5K or the 10K. Below are some background tips Ian has provided that are essential in making your determination on which size event is right for you:

If you want to run a 5K...


Unlike longer races like a half-marathon or marathon where you never actually run the full number of race miles during your training, you should hit three miles on three separate training runs during the week. Plan on using one day per week (a favorite is Sunday) for a longer run which covers more than the race distance.


For those looking to hit a PR (personal record), speed or tempo training during the week becomes paramount if you want to hit your marks. Introducing speed one day per week allows you to raise your anaerobic threshold, therefore allowing you to push beyond what your body is normally used to. A number of different styles exist for speed workouts, but as long as you listen to your body in terms of speed you should be fine.


These might be the most important days of your week as you allow your muscles to recover from the rigors of your training. It might be hard to sit and do nothing with the big race on the horizon.

If you want to run a 10K...


With the 10K you never actually hit six miles in your training program. Your longer runs will continue to be once per week with two - not three - runs of two to three miles sprinkled in mid-week.


As you know, running can be tough on the body. Cross-training can serve as a pseudo rest day for 10K training, staying away from the continuous pounding, while using similar muscles and elevating your heart-rate. Biking, swimming, elliptical training or anything else that helps you get some light aerobic work in will do the trick.


As mentioned above, it can't be reiterated enough the importance of taking rest days. Listening to your body - particularly your legs - is important on how you approach each day's workout. Each day's workout can a lot of times depend on how your body feels.

Well, that is a beginning to becoming a ‘Hero for Hope.’ Now all you have to do is stayed tuned, get in tune and be ready to register the day of the event beginning at 6:15 a.m. The race will begin at 8:15 sharp. If you haven't even signed up yet for this family-friendly event yet, just click here to be directed to the Family Shelter Service 10K/5K registration page.

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