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Hero cat to be recognized

Thankfully both cat and owner are safe due to cat's courageous efforts.
Thankfully both cat and owner are safe due to cat's courageous efforts.
Sara Roth, Staff

There are so many silly arguments as to whether or not cats or dogs are better companion pets. What is silly is the people having the argument. Each and every individual chooses their pet according to their preference. What is good for one individual may or may not be sufficient for another. That is what makes us individuals!

Just like us, pets are all unique; their varying qualities are what draw people in or turn them away. Not everyone agrees with this. One woman, though, is very grateful for her choice in pets today as her pet may just be the reason she is still here.

Early Saturday morning, about 6:00 a.m., the resident of a mobile home located at 16745 SE Division Street in Portland, was awakened by her cat and realized that her home was on fire. The woman grabbed the cat and both escaped without harm.

When police arrived shortly thereafter, they discovered heavy fire and smoke inside the residence. The fire department was able to contain the fire, preventing it from spreading to other mobile homes in the near vicinity.

Although the woman’s home had significant damage to it, at least she and her kitty were not seriously injured. Now who says that cats do not make good pets? This woman would beg to differ!

Animals of all different breeds, ages and sizes have been known to show their unconditional love in a vast number of ways. Whether you are a cat person, a dog person, or you are not an animal lover at all, you must admit that some animals go the distance to display that love for their human companion.

This cat is not the first of its kind, nor will it be the last. Although we hear more stories about dogs rescuing humans from various situations, there are a number of cat stories as well. Cats have rescued their humans from other fires, assaults, robberies and medical situations like low blood sugar. The humans that are the recipients of this feline kindness are obviously very fond of their animal companions for more reasons than the obvious.

So, while some people are dog people and some people are cat people, each person is an individual that knows exactly what is right for them. The breed of the animal is not as important as the fact that the animal is totally devoted to the ones that they love.

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