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Hero, abandoned dog-gets a second chance, needs medical attention

Hero has been transformed.
Hero has been transformed.
Facebook/Second Chance Rescue

Hero is the new name given to a dog that was abandoned and found near a warehouse in Brooklyn and rescued on Memorial Day. Second Chance Rescue shared details and a link to help Hero.

Needing grooming so desperately that the breed could not be determined at the time of the rescue, Hero has changed in appearance according to information that was shared online.

Hero was having difficultly walking due to an injured leg and the mats of hair, which was filled with urine and feces.

No one knows at this time what happened to the owner of Hero, however, there is a fund raiser now to help Hero continue to receive the needed medical attention. Please view more details to learn what you can do to help Hero.

A visit to a veterinarian let rescuers know that Hero had not had any attention to grooming for years. Hero initially had to be place on IV fluids before other services could be performed. After grooming and medical attention, it was learned that Hero has a broken leg.

With 4 pounds of hair being removed from Hero, readers may understand the seriousness of the condition of this dog. For some reason the dog was ignored by someone or many people over a period of years. Hero is in good hands at this time and will continue to receive attention for sores, ear infections and the broken leg that may require an amputation.

While some readers may shake their head after learning about Hero, wondering who would do this to any animal, others will spring into action and see what they can do to help. More information about Second Chance rescue will be found here.

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