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Hernando Taekwondo school offers Yoga training

United Tae Kwon Do of Hernando, Florida
United Tae Kwon Do of Hernando, Florida
Citrus Springs Martial Arts Examiner

United Tae Kwon Do of Citrus County, Florida is also providing Yoga classes within its training curriculum. Located in the town of Hernando, United Tae Kwon Do and Yoga is operated by Master Mark D'Onofrio and his wife, Paula. Master D'Onofrio is a 30 year veteran of the martial arts and a 4th Degree Black Belt certified by the Kukkiwon.

Master D'Onofrio has also studied the Korean arts of Haidong Gumdo, Hwa Rang Do, Hapkido and Kumdo. Both Hapkido and Taekwondo are taught at the Dojang. Weapons training is also provided, focusing on Naunchaku and the Bo-Staff, both of which Master D'Onofrio has reached expert proficiency.

Paula D'Onofrio has been practicing Yoga since 2003 and received the Yoga Alliance Teacher certification from the Traditional Yoga Teacher Training in Palm Harbor, Florida. Dedicated to providing the best training available for both arts, Mrs. D'Onofrio explains via their website:

"I am a perpetual yoga student. There is so much to learn, however I hope to bring together what I currently know of yoga to provide my students with classes that are safe, enjoyable, informative and which leave students with a feeling of equanimity. In keeping with our approach to Tae Kwon Do classes I intend on keeping class sizes small in order to afford each student the personal attention they need to learn and improve their practice."

As a Certified World Taekwondo Federation referee, Master D'Onofrio attends Taekwondo tournaments regularly and specializes in the training of the required WTF forms (Poomse). Master "Mark", as he is fondly referred to by his students, and Mrs. D'Onofrio place complete focus on the school and continue to add valuable services to their student base, such as the addition of Wi-Fi and a reception area with a television monitor for class viewing.

The United Tae Kwon Do Facebook page also offers additional news, photos and upcoming seminars, as well as highlighting their student accomplishments.

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