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Hernando County votes down “Nazi” plot to fluoridate drinking water

Hernando County votes down “Nazi” plot to fluoridate drinking water
Hernando County votes down “Nazi” plot to fluoridate drinking water

On Tuesday, 4 of 5 County Commissioners voted down a measure to add fluoride to the local drinking water supply. One opponent at the BOCC meeting claimed it was a “Nazi” plot similar to one used by Adolf Hitler to exterminate Jews in concentration camps in the 1930’s.

Clearly, there is already something in the drinking water in Brooksville, which has apparently driven 4 County Commissioners off the conspiracy theory cliff.

According to Gawker:

The four turned against a lone colleague, Commissioner Diane Rowden, who had proposed a plan to add fluoride therapy to the water supply for 62,000 residents. She never got anyone to second her proposal. What she got was an earload of conspiracy-theory derp from a peanut gallery of residents at the commission meeting.

The fluoride poisoning conspiracy theory was supported by BOCC Chairman Wayne Dukes, who silenced the free speech of supporters in true dictatorship-form by cutting off debate.

Commissioner Rowden told the Tampa Bay Times she had “never seen anything like this. It almost seemed like it was planned.”

Fluoride is commonly used in drinking water supplies throughout America because of its proven public health benefits, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

There have been no official reports of a connection between water fluoridation and death from “Nazi” plots, despite a statement by one Hernando County leader who claimed that anyone who suggested adding fluoride to the water supply "should be arrested for crimes against humanity.''

The 4 Hernando County Commissioners who believe fluoridation is an evil, disease-causing plot are:

Republican Nick Nicholson, District 1

Republican Jim Adkins, District 5

Republican Dave Russell, District 4

Republican Wayne Dukes, BOCC chair

Commissioner Diane Rowden, who introduced the bill and has not suggested that fluoride it is a secret plot to destroy humanity is a Democrat.

Florida voters might want to reevaluate their choices in the next election. If not, this group might soon decide to outlaw toothpaste, citing a plot by vampires to promote tooth decay.

Author’s note: The opinions and commentary included in this report are based on the author’s original reporting and independent analysis of official documents and public information.

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