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Hernando County Shelter sends urgent plea to meet tight rescue deadline

Adoptable Dog
Adoptable Dog
Hernando County Animal Services

Brooksville, Florida - The Hernado County Animal Services rescue coordinator has sent an urgent plea to potential adopters and rescues in the hopes of meeting a very tight deadline. The shelter is completely over capacity.

Thread with urgent plea on facebook

Rescue coordinator Shannon Finch stated the following:

We are well over capacity with our dogs and cats and greatly in need of assistance.

We have space for 58 dogs in our facility; the shelter currently has 80 dogs. The shelter should have around 52 dogs on any given day. This means that we are 28 dogs over capacity. 28 adoptable dogs deserving of a new home and second chance at life. These dogs need your help. Please keep in mind that we still have to achieve this goal while we are still accommodating newly impounded dogs from the citizens of Hernando County and the Animal Sheriff’s Officers.

We have space for approx. 40 cats in our facility; the shelter currently has 75 cats (some are kittens that are grouped together as a litter). The shelter should have around 40 cats on any given day – give and take 10-15 depending on mommas with litters of kittens. This means that we are 25-35 cats over capacity. All of them deserving of a second chance at a loving forever home. These cats and kittens need your help. Keeping in mind that we still have to achieve this goal while we are still impounding cats and kittens from the citizens of Hernando County and the Animal Sheriff’s Officers.

The Shelter has been given a deadline. We need to be in compliance with our numbers by July 28th. This means that we need to be at 52 dogs and around 40 cats in our facility by Monday. The shelter is pleading for help and assistance. We have amazing dogs and cats here that truly deserve a chance at happiness; we do not want these animals euthanized due to lack of space. We want them out of the shelter and into homes. We know that there is a special person/adopter for every animal we just need to find them and find them quickly! The only way for us to be able to save these animals is if EVERYONE joins together as a TEAM to help us. This is a group effort. We need all of you to share our dogs, spread the word, tell your friends and families, other rescue groups, your church group, people on street, etc. We need everyone to come together for the benefit of the animals in the shelter.

Please help us; we have a lot of amazing animals here that need out of the shelter before they are euthanized. Again we have to be in compliance with our numbers on Monday, July 28th.

We truly want the best for these dogs……

If you know of anyone looking for a great new companion, please contact the shelter as follows and please share this information with all of your friends.

Shannon Finch
Animal Advocate, Rescue & Volunteer Coordinator
Hernando County Animal Services
352-796-3746 FAX

Hours of Operation:
Tues – Fri: 9:30am – 4:30pm
Saturday: 10:00am – 3:00pm
Closed Sunday, Monday and Holidays

The shelter's facebook page: Hernando County Animal Services


If you love pets, won't you consider the gift of love called adoption? There are so many needy, homeless pets in high kill shelters. Don’t discriminate because the pet might be “older”, they are usually the best! Most are already trained and have mellowed past puppy stages. They are the most needy when they arrive at shelters. If you can't adopt, consider being screened to become a foster. Fostering allows more animals to be helped as it frees up space in shelters, allowing more dogs a chance to find a home. Fostering also gives an animal the necessary tools and social skills to live in a new home. It is a win-win situation. Rescued pets often rescue us in the process of rescuing them. What do I mean? Ask someone who's done it.....visit your shelters, volunteer your help and time, donate.

If you have a pet and you're having a hard time caring for it, please be sure to seek as many avenues as you can prior to relinquishing it to a shelter. As stated, these pets are the first to be euthanized. Ask rescues or your vet for help! There are many people willing to go the extra mile to rehome your pet, you should also be willing to take these extra steps. Remember, much like a child, your pet depends on you. Just like it isn't "ok" to leave your child on the side of the road, or dump them at some shelter, it isn't "ok" to do this to your pet.

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