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Hernandez trial reveals 3 forgotten Biblical truths

O.J. Simpson (R) stands at the end of an evidentiary hearing in Clark County
O.J. Simpson (R) stands at the end of an evidentiary hearing in Clark County
Photo by Pool/Getty Images

The double murder trial for Aaron Hernandez is set to begin sometime in May; according to a June 25 article in CBS Sports. Hernandez, a (former) tight end for the New England Patriots, is accused of killing 2 men in a drive by shooting. The incident, according to prosecutors, began when one of the victims spilled a drink on Hernandez and didn’t apologize.

Hernandez joins a list of professional athletes accused of committing or being an accessory to murder. Those include; OJ Simpson (1994), Rae Carruth (1997), Ray Lewis (2000), and now Hernandez. All 4 incidents should serve as reminders of 3 precepts that are often quoted but rarely followed in the Bible.

God is no respecter of person

The sins of common men and women are somehow viewed and treated differently. According to the Holy Bible, God looks at and respects us all the same. God does not care about your vocation or how many people follow you on Twitter.

All have sinned

The Bible uses the word “all” for a reason. This includes athletes. Too often, the sins or alleged sins of athletes are met with shock; while those of the common man seldom make news.

Forgiveness is not conditional

It seems like athletes are “required” to seek forgiveness from everyone, including their fans. According to the Bible, all sin is forgivable, with the exception of blasphemy.

One Christian viewed the Hernandez story as a “reminder” for all Christians of what God expects. “We live in a Christian country, and yet we still struggle with OJ Simpson. How many Christians hate him? That is not forgiveness! We talk about how God views and loves us all, and yet we still esteem athletes and millionaires as being above others. How many double murders took place last year? Where is the outrage?”

OJ Simpson cannot escape the headlines. He may forever be remembered as the man that got away with murder. Is OJ still on the front page because he was an athlete? Do people hold athletes to a higher standard? As a Christian, what words do you use to describe OJ?

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Source: CBS Sports

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