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Hernandez-Harrison gets up and wins

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Dusty Hernandez-Harrison was hit with a clean left hook and was floored early in his fight on ESPN's Friday night fights from San Diego, but got up off the canvas and scored a unanimous decision over 33 year old Michael Balasi for his 21st win against no defeats. Hernandez-Harrison, has not faced a southpaw since early in his career and none with the experience of Balasi. Balasi, who was knocked out in his last 2 bouts, showed no fear of the up and coming 19 year old. He had Dusty backing up for most of the fight and cornered him on the ropes several times.

Hernandez-Harrison's fans had never seen him take a punch so cleanly in all of this fights and hit the canvas with a thud. He jumped up fast, but had to hold on for much of the remaining time in the round. "I got caught with a good shot. We already watched the tape and that defensive weakness will be corrected. No excuses and an area that I will be focusing on when I am back in the gym on Monday", says Hernandez-Harrison. He had already scored a knock down in the same round and he may have gotten a little careless.

Trainer and father Buddy Harrison lamented, "Nobody wants to go down, but all in all ...a terrific fight for Dusty. He won by a large margin, [a shut out on all judges cards], after dealing with adversity in the ring. This will help when Dusty is in the later rounds of a tough fight down the road." As they say during March Madness, win and move on. Hernandez-Harrison threw a bunch of lead right hands over the gloves of Balasi, 10-3, 7 KO's, and scored consistently. Balasi did not seem be be fazed by the rapid punches from the young Hernandez-Harrison until he seemed to get hit in the temple/ear area and dropped to one knee. Dusty showed his usual poise that his fans have come to expect, even after getting up off the floor.

"We wanted Dusty in against a tough southpaw at this level and to learn from the experience. Mission accomplished. Getting up off the canvas, staying composed and coming on strong in the later rounds is Dusty's real learning experience from this bout", says Jeff Fried of All-In Entertainment, Hernandez-Harrison's promotion and management team. Fried did not say what is next for Hernandez-Harrison, but fans can expect Dusty to be back in the ring much sooner than later. Please subscribe and follow the constant action from Washington, DC and it's many young fighters.