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Herman Cain: Stupid people ruining the country, beckons smart to out-vote stupid

Herman Cain's newest slogan seems to be that "stupid people are ruining this country."
Photo by Rick Diamond

Do you remember Herman Cain, the former Republican presidential candidate? When he appeared in the headlines back in 2011, the word “bizarre” was often used to explain many of his thoughts and antics and it looks as if things haven’t changed too much.

Today the very animated Cain refers to uninformed voters as the “stupid people” and he is calling on the other voters, (apparently the smart ones) to get out there and out-vote the stupid people ruining. It seems that Cain’s bizarre theory this time around is that stupid voters should stay at home and let the smart ones decide with their votes who is going into the White House next, according to a report from the Christian Post on June 21.

When asked what he thinks about Obamacare, he came back with a quick “It sucks.” So there, he didn’t mince words on that one. Cain took to the podium while in Washington D.C. Friday night at the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s “Road to Majority” conference. He said that he’s heard people say that “they don’t vote because they don’t know what’s going on.” His response to people who reveal this to him is “Good! Stupid people are ruining America and I’m glad some of them stay home,” according to the Breitbart Report.

His solution is “very simple,” Cain said, “Those of us that are informed have got to out-vote the stupid people!" Cain’s use of the term “stupid people” seemed to saturate his speech Friday night. He made it very clear that he was not in that category with the uninformed stupid folks.

He said that he ran for president in the last election because he was “called to run.” He didn’t make it clear if he was called to run like a priest refers to their “calling” or if it was politicians that requested he’d give it a go.

He spoke about money and how currency has the line “In God We Trust printed for everyone to see. So it’s natural that in God I trust.” He threw a few disparaging words the Liberals’ way saying that “They go crazy when you refer to the Bible or you refer to your faith.”

This isn’t the first time Cain has confused the masses. Back in 2011 he put out a campaign commercial, which was “bizzare, according to New York Magazine and several other media outlets. The word “bizarre” along with Cain’s name was in quite a few headlines over that that campaign commercial when he was a 2012 presidential hopeful.

The commercial had Cain’s unknown chief of staff singing Cain praises, but it was in the last 15 seconds of the ad when the camera hones in on Cain, that the bizarre takes place. Cain takes a long and slow drag of a cigarette with music playing in the background that left you with that feeling you get when someone drags their nails across a chalkboard.

From there he breaks into a slow smile, which prompted one commenter to offer this description, which says it all:

"I imagine Herman Cain is closing the curtains behind him at that shady motel, turning slowly, and making that creepy smile at a scared prostitute on the bed."

There you have it, the man’s ad was bizarre.

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