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Herman Cain headlines Erika Harold fundraiser

Herman Cain fires up the crowd at at fundraiser for Illinois Congressional Candidate Erika Harold
Herman Cain fires up the crowd at at fundraiser for Illinois Congressional Candidate Erika Harold
Rebecca Noble

One of the best kept secrets of the upcoming election cycle is the growing number of African American Conservatives. With growing dissatisfaction in the Presidency of Barack Obama, ironically enough, among blacks, the ranks of black Conservatives can count among them, rising stars like Congressional candidate Erika Harold, who is running in Illinois’s 13th District.

Recently, former presidential candidate Herman Cain was in St. Louis to throw his support behind Erika Harold. Cain, former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, and now radio talk show host, spoke to a number of supporters about the division facing America today. Cain put forth the idea that America is not divided along racial lines so much as it is being divided along class and economic lines. He said the split is becoming more between the working class and the political class. The American people see their representatives in Washington making laws for them to follow, but making themselves exempt from those laws. Mr. Cain posed the question of how do working class people take the nation back. He said that first of all, Americans must demand adherence to the Constitution by their elected officials. Secondly, he said that we must demand spending in Washington within our means. Next, the culture of corruption must be eliminated. The double standards and horse trading that are conducted when major pieces of legislation are being passed must end.

He spoke of the growing rift between grassroots movements like the Tea Party, and what has come to be known in Conservative circles as “establishment” Republicans. Those who have spent decades in Washington and look down on groups like the Tea Party, and immediately describe Tea Party backed candidates as “inexperienced”. He described the Tea Party and groups like them as an “attitude”.

He also talked about the fact that in the last election, three million Conservatives stayed at home. Something that cannot happen again. He said that the Establishment and the media want Conservatives to believe that the Liberal hold on the country is so great that things such as Obama care have no chance to be repealed. But Cain said he truly feels like the tide is turning, and that everyone must become involved. He said that the Republican Establishment is attempting to stop challenges like Harold’s all over the country in many different Congressional and Senate races.

Cain spoke about the challenges faced by Erika Harold by the Illinois Republican Party. They would not allow her access to the voter records, and would not allow her to speak at the Republican Day at this year’s State Fair. To that, Mr. Cain stated that, “if we are going to stop doing politics as usual, then we must stop sending politicians as usual to Washington.” It was the loudest round of applause of the evening.

Harold, a former Miss America and Harvard Law graduate is challenging incumbent Rodney Davis for Illinois’s 13thDistrict seat. It is sure to be a race that receives national attention.

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