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Heritage high school has got heart

Friday February 12, the last school day before Valentine's Day. At many elementary schools kids are exchanging valentines and having parties. However, at most high schools, Valentine's Day is not a part of the curriculum. At Heritage high school in Littleton, that is just not the case.

It has been a tradition for many years that on Valentine's Day (or the nearest school day) The student government papers the halls with hearts containing the names of every student, teacher, and staff member on campus.

The students spend some of their free time wandering the halls looking for their hearts. By the end of the day, many end up with their own hearts, and the hearts of their friends taped all over their clothing.

For many teenagers, Valentine's Day can be hard, it is a reminder of the difficuties of adolescent love. But for a least a minute every February 14th, each and every student at Heritage feels like someone loves them.



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