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hereO: GPS tracking device for kids

The hereO: GPS tracking device for kids.
The hereO: GPS tracking device for kids.

Kids. They’re small, short, and quick: the perfect combination for getting lost. As parents, we have all managed to lose track of our little one(s), whether we’d like to admit it or not. There's no denying that parenting is tough and just looking away for a split second to grab your child a snack is long enough for them to disappear from sight, especially in crowded places like shopping malls and parks. They may just be a few feet away from us when we find them, but for a few brief seconds we fear the worst. But, what if we were able to track where they are, so we wouldn’t have to worry about taking our eyes off of them for even just a blinks worth of time?

It may sound strange to strap a tracking device to your child, but is it really that crazy? If your kid totters away in a department store, gets lost in a sea of people at an amusement part or in a worst-case scenario your child is kidnapped, having a tracking device could potentially be lifesaving. So, check this out.

There is a new tracking device about to hit the market called the hereO GPS watch. The hereO is a fully loaded device that keeps parents and children connected by allowing parents to keep track of their child’s whereabouts. Designed for 3- to 8-year-olds, the hereO looks like a typical children’s watch. However, instead of just keeping time, it also contains a miniature GPS tracking device that syncs up to a mobile app. The hereO comes in a variety of fun colors, is made to fit little wrists, and is small enough so it does not get in the way of daily activities.

Here are some of the big things this little device can do:

  • Allow you to view your child’s location directly on your cell phone via the hereO Family mobile app.
  • Send alerts when your child enters or leaves frequently visited places, such as school or home.
  • Send location alerts to all family members using the hereO app if the watch is removed or tampered with.
  • Allow you to view the history of all locations your child has been.

The hereO is currently in its final testing stage and will be available in stores mid-2014. In the meantime, it is available for pre-sale via the company’s online fundraising campaign. Those who contribute to the campaign will receive a hereO watch for $99 as opposed to the $150 it will cost once it hits stores. Parents will be required to subscribe to the hereO Family App for a $5 monthly fee.

For more info and to order your child’s hereO watch, click here.

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