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Here we go again

A New Year
A New Year
Michelle Cole

It’s that time of year once more, time to decide what bad habits we want to be rid of and what new good habits we want to incorporate into our lives. I’ve never been a big fan of sudden over-night changes, but there is still something motivating about a New Year. As for the one we’re leaving behind? There were things I certainly let fall by the wayside and there were some great strides in moving towards my ultimate goals. I worked my way through all 7 Chakras with the help of “The Sevenfold Journey”, I had some of my first Belly Dance lessons with women other than my mother, I formed closer friendships with 2 women (believe me, it doesn’t sound like much, but after 10 years of a Sisterhood draught it means a whole lot to me!) and of course there was the reading with Dana before I took the 1stlevel class on the Healing Touch for Animals technique for working with energy.

I also had huge gaps in posting articles, failed miserably at any routine working out via Belly Dance or Yoga for the most part of the year and faced personal challenges that at times pushed those closest to me to the edge of acceptance. I often joke that before meeting Doug I asked the Universe for the chance to learn what could be learned from a HEALTHY relationship with a man and the Universe gave me Doug. And the first thing I realized from a loving, supportive man is that I can be hell to live with. All my life I seem to have chosen men who gave me plenty of reasons to be irritated, but what Doug has shown me is that while some human beings make it easy to be annoyed with them, even when there is no reason to be out-of-sorts, I can find one somewhere.

Most of the reasons have to do with issues from my past and while it is easy to justify feelings of resentment or anger or sadness, the truth is while living fully in the present is a major key to the secret of enjoying life-it is so hard to practice on a daily basis.

Which is why I will be once more working through the Chakra workbook, this time Doug will be taking the 7-fold journey with me. Part of me is laughing at the irony that I haven’t even been able to gather my thoughts enough to share the impact the month of May had last year, while I journeyed through some heavy layers of 2ndChakra work. The Chakras have different corresponding areas of your life they affect and most of us will have some that are deficient and some that are over-active. I don’t think it is uncommon for one area especially to be an area that deeply affects our development and subsequently, our whole lives.

The 2ndChakra is where I carry a lot of scars and so it is very emotional work for me, made more so by the very fact that the 2ndChakra deals with our Right To Feel. Not only do we get to look at our emotions and how we connect to them, but also how we handle our sexuality, which is tightly connected to feeling pleasure. More on that to follow, eventually.

In the meantime: Happy New Year! If you are planning any New Years Resolutions, please remember to be gentle on yourselves. Small changes that are easy to adapt to will get you further in the long run, so keep that in mind. Doug and I have been working on improving our eating habits for years now and it comes and goes in waves of success, but we never give up. Tenacity is the magic ingredient if you really want to make those life-changing alterations in your habits.


  • xexon 4 years ago

    There are two kinds of people who exibit high sexuality.

    Hedonists, and spiritual seekers. One manifests it through physical satisfaction, while the seeker is actually seeking the source of where they come from.

    For many, the only real mystical experiences they have are through orgasms. Hence the invention of tantric yoga.

    As with anything physical, addiction is just around the corner. Many will fall into this including seekers, but seekers will try to move forward anyway.

    When they fall, they fall with their face towards the light.

    Things like guilt and scars need not be bad if you have truly moved forward because of what they taught you.


  • Profile picture of Michelle Cole
    Michelle Cole 4 years ago

    I agree-there are a lot of things that people put into the 'bad' pile and consider themselves better off by ignoring or denying. I don't judge myself for past actions or feelings because I know that I have always done the best I can given what I have in my tool box.
    Experience fills that box up...
    I still claim the best surprise and realization during this whole process is the complete non-judgement and support I receive when I confide in Doug. It helped me realize how much judgement I sometimes hold against myself without realizing it.
    I like that "When they fall, they fall with their face towards the light"

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