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A New Year
A New Year
Michelle Cole


  • xexon 5 years ago

    There are two kinds of people who exibit high sexuality.

    Hedonists, and spiritual seekers. One manifests it through physical satisfaction, while the seeker is actually seeking the source of where they come from.

    For many, the only real mystical experiences they have are through orgasms. Hence the invention of tantric yoga.

    As with anything physical, addiction is just around the corner. Many will fall into this including seekers, but seekers will try to move forward anyway.

    When they fall, they fall with their face towards the light.

    Things like guilt and scars need not be bad if you have truly moved forward because of what they taught you.


  • Profile picture of Michelle Cole
    Michelle Cole 5 years ago

    I agree-there are a lot of things that people put into the 'bad' pile and consider themselves better off by ignoring or denying. I don't judge myself for past actions or feelings because I know that I have always done the best I can given what I have in my tool box.
    Experience fills that box up...
    I still claim the best surprise and realization during this whole process is the complete non-judgement and support I receive when I confide in Doug. It helped me realize how much judgement I sometimes hold against myself without realizing it.
    I like that "When they fall, they fall with their face towards the light"

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