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Here to Serve Restaurant Group brings Restaurant Week to Atlanta

It’s a great month to be an Atlanta foodie!  Not only did residents get to experience Taste of Atlanta last weekend, but Here to Serve Restaurant Group is bringing us their first ever Restaurant Week. Locals can enjoy specials at all 10 Here to Serve Restaurants from October 11- October 16. 
Each restaurant selected various specialties and compiled a three-course menu for diner’s to choose from for only $25. 
I’m a big fan of the steak at Prime, so I was excited to see an 8oz Bistro Steak offered as an option there. The Lobster Tacos at Noche are buttery and delicious, and a definite must-have. Several sushi choices are available at Aja, Here to Serve's latest conception. Budget-friendly and delicious, Restaurant Week is a great way to sample different spots from Here to Serve.
~Blair Branch