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Here the Comfort Dogs go again

In the past few days, there has been so much violence in the news. If we consider the past few weeks, the news gets even worse! This tends to put the Lutheran Church Charities (LCC out of Addison, Illinois) Comfort Dogs in great demand.

These dogs are there simply to provide comfort!
Lutheran Church Charities

You most likely have heard about the shooting at Purdue University that took place Tuesday, January 21st is the Engineering Building in West Lafayette, Indiana. The Comfort Dogs have been asked to deploy to the Purdue Campus to help the college students rightfully shaken by this incidence.

It is most disturbing for those that belong to the Lutheran Campus Ministry at Purdue University because they are currently without a minister. LCC and the Comfort Dogs do what they can, when they can, to remember the victim(s), their friends and family. They pray for all those involved, including the staff, faculty and other students at each specific location.

Thankfully only one person, a teaching assistant, was killed in this incident (although it is horrendous for Andrew Boldt and his family!) and the shooter, Cody Cousins, surrendered a short time thereafter to police. Although the police did their duty and apprehended Cousins within minutes of the shooting, this still causes great alarm to anyone on campus whether they were in adjacent classrooms or across campus.

Classes were cancelled through Wednesday and resumed today. Counseling services were added for anyone that required this much needed service. Part of the ‘comforting’ will come from the dogs.

Dogs provide individuals in need an outlet; someone to talk to that will listen specifically to their needs without interruption or judgment. The dogs simply sit or lay and become a steady post to be leaned upon in times of need.

As is typical, LCC and the Comfort Dogs do not ask for any monetary compensation. Their travel is covered through donated funds from outside sources. Of course they welcome any aide that anyone wants to give (Click Here to Donate to the LCC K-9 Comfort Dog Travel Fund).

The Comfort Dogs feel extremely grateful to be able to help those suffering from one type of tragedy or another. Their entire goal is to bring serenity to those who need it most! They want to thank everyone out there that believes in their cause and want you all to know that they will do their very best to continue servicing the United States communities where and when they are able!

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