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Here's your invitation to join Nashville Universe

Nashville Universe Poster
Nashville Universe

If you are involved in the country music field, this is your invitation to join Nashville Universe. It is free to join, and it helps rising artists showcase their talents. Nashville Universe is a member of both, CMA (CMA Lifetime Member) and ACM, so they can help you by allowing you to get heard, and as they say, "You never know who you will meet at one of our shows."

For more about Nashville Universe, read the following synopsis provided by Nashville Universe.

"We often get questions about what we do and what we are about. First, a little history about us and then we will talk about why we do not charge and how you can help us! A few years ago Michael purchased a domain regarding Music Row. As he had been on Music Row for years he discussed starting a website that could assist people in actually reaching the decision makers in Nashville and getting heard. Brett and Michael met late one night at a Waffle House near Opryland Hotel and discussed how to accomplish this and began the big job. When the site was ready we released it, and when it hit 200 members, a local publication became very upset and threatened to take legal action over our name. Since we loved and respected the publication, we decided to change our name and Nashville Universe was born. We first were announced on the wonderful Billy Block Show as Nashville Universe and we came to this name to reflect that Nashville was Country Music and much, much more. After Michael purchased Brett's shares in the business our efforts for live shows and exposure to industry increased.

What we are about:
We want to help talent get more fans, increase their social media numbers and rise above the noise. Perception is reality in the entertainment business and making every connection you can is important. We have said many times that we built a playground and invited everyone to come play.

What we are not:
We are not an artist development company or a showcase company that requires you to sell tickets. We don't want your money. If you want to spend money get the best product you can afford as it is a competitive world in entertainment.

We are people that believe that a few can make a difference and that all of us together are Nashville Universe. Nashville Universe says a lot about you and that you are part of the Nashville community and that you have a road to Music Row. We have helped many people get onto the ABC hit show Nashville as well as helped many get heard by the right ears, obtain various deals and awards and all while not requesting money. We want to help you not charge you.

How can you help us?
Talk about us with every songwriter, artist, actor, fan, musician, etc., that you know and get them involved. Facebook, Twitter, Vine and Instagram to get the word out about our revolution of connecting great music to new ears.
The world is back to a singles music driven market. Labels and publishers need great songs, great songwriters and great artists. Since we are members of CMA (CMA Lifetime Member) and ACM we know some of the very influencers that may assist your career. Get involved, get heard and you never know who you will meet at one of our shows.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and we hope that you become a member of Nashville Universe."

You can get even more information and can join, by clicking on Nashville Universe. I am a member. Come join me. Also, To receive a free subscription to the Nashville Music Examiner, written by Gerry Glenn Jones, click on the subscribe link near the top of this page.

Until next time, "Keep a Song in Your Heart."

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