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Here's why Infamous: Second Son is best looking next-gen title to date

Infamous Second Son
Infamous Second Son

We can't believe how gorgeous this game is, the lighting is so real. It's running @1080p/30fps despite being an openworld game. Anyway, the photo mode is goddamn awesome it makes me feel I'm a great artist lol.

Make sure to get the full: Infamous Second Son Walkthrough from your friendly neighborhood GameGuidedog! Also check out the GameTube channel for youtube posted Infamous Second Son Walkthrough Gameplay videos! (Again, only at GameGuidedog!)

S S Photo mode's integration into the game is slick. You'll have to go into the options menu and toggle it on the first time you start the game after downloading the update, but after you do that, you can simply click the left thumbstick to enter photo mode - that'll freeze time, remove all HUD elements, and let you go to town.

Of course we utilize all consoles and possess a PS3, PS2, PSone and a PSP and a Vita, (even though there aren't that many games we are interested in for Vita). We figured that when the PS4 came around, we would buy it day one and enjoy the full tagline that Sony shared with us, "Greatness Awaits.

Sucker punch did an awesome job making textures for SS. Not only did Sucker punch focused on the big stuff, they focused on the small stuff as well. Like the fire hydrate, barricades, etc. I've used 3d application like maya/3d max in the past and believe me making textures like SS is hard.

The game is undoubtedly gorgeous, I just wish it was a bit less repetitive. A quick look through your comment history tells us how little your opinion counts when it comes to the PS4 and its games. edit:demonddel I looked at his comment history to see if his opinion had any validity unfortunately his fanboy side shines through clear as day I doubt he has even played the game so his opinion counts for nothing.

What slam dunks this title the most is all the minute details that SP put in. Look at the reaction of passersby to Delsin Charging by with Concrete, the lighting!

The graphics of this game as of right now is unmatched. I think the only games that will outdo this is The Order 1886 and the next Uncharted.