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Here’s what ‘GTA 5’ fans will get to keep after the seasonal summer event ends

Grand Theft Auto V
Grand Theft Auto V
Photo courtesy of Take-Two Interactive, used with permission

With the start of a new month, Rockstar Games pushed a new Grand Theft Auto V update live on Tuesday. Titled The Independence Day Special update, the seasonal update brings several new American-themed content additions to the game’s online mode for a special event that will last until the middle of the month. However, while the features from the Independence Day update are temporarily only available during the event, the developer clarified on July 1 what players will get to actually keep from the latest patch.

In an update posted to the comments of the original update announcement, Rockstar Games revealed that the new items added as part of The Independence Day Special update will only be available to purchase within GTA Online for a limited time. After the event ends later this month, the content will be removed from the title’s in-game stores. However, the developer confirmed that gamers will be allowed to permanently keep any of the items that they do pick up from the event.

So while the ability to purchase the seasonal update’s new additions will be removed in mid-July, fans will get to keep all items they acquire before then. This includes all vehicles, clothing, and weapons. One special exception comes from firework ammunition. Despite the fact that those who pick up the firework rocket launcher will get to keep the firearm itself, the pyrotechnic ammo for the weapon will no longer be available inside the game.

Rockstar Games also clarified that the additional properties and the pier’s new amusement ride will also remain inside of the game as permanent fixtures of Los Santos County. The Independence Day Special update will remain available within GTA Online until later this month. The developer has not yet provided an exact date for when the content is expected to be removed.