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Here's to water

Our weather is heating up and for those who spend most of the time in-doors it is time to remind them and ourselves to drink plenty of water. It is so easy to believe we are getting plenty when in fact we are not. And drinking water is sometimes the last thing a person wants to do. Here are some ways to help when we have had all the water we can take for a day; popsicles, watermelon, lemonade, and there are many more. Eating lite meals and adding in one more that is melons will provide more water in our systems. There is no substitute for water, coffee, tea, alcohol, sodas none of these will provide the water we need and some will actually dehydrate us while we are thinking it is good.
The important thing is that without the necessary amount of water in our system we can succumb to heat stroke – which if left untreated can be fatal. If we go out whether in our own yard or for a ride in the car, shopping or on a picnic, be sure to have a bottle of water in the seat with us. It is always easy to think we are almost there, the water will be the first thing to drink; this is a poor plan for so many reasons; how many times do we realize we have forgotten something and have to stop, or perhaps traffic is extremely bad (there is no getting out and getting water from the trunk in the middle of a busy road) and what if there is an accident we must wait until it is cleared – of course our minds and prayers are for the victims, but the truth is we are still without water. Let’s just have the water with us and then drink it.

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