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Here’s the very first Bowling Terminology Quiz

Bowlers have a chance to brush up on their sport's terminology with this quiz.
Bowlers have a chance to brush up on their sport's terminology with this quiz.
MIke Ehrmann / Getty Images

This story originally ran July 22, 2013 ,and is being re-run to give bowlers a refresher on bowling expressions.

To enrich one’s bowling experience, it’s often helpful to know the jargon that other players toss around.

For instance, if a player's first shot leaves the 3-4-6-7-9, one often will hear a remark that the bowler will now have to deal with “grandma’s teeth.” And those in the know will chuckle along with the quipster.

So what is “grandma’s teeth,” and what are some of the often-used bowling terms and their meaning?

To answer those questions: the very first Bowling Terminology Quiz.

But first, here’s some bowling humor to get you in the mood of taking this quiz:

“When bowling, remember you don’t have to join the union to be striking.”

Now that you’re ready (hopefully), here goes the very first Bowling Terminology Quiz:

1 – What is “Grandma’s teeth?”

a) A random group of pins that is left standing from one end of the lane to the other.

b) A split that occurs after a slow-moving and lightweight ball enters the “mouth” of the pins.

c) A straight-on shot typically rolled by a senior bowler with little “bite” to it.

2 – What is a “clean game?”

a) A game in which a player finishes without an open frame.

b) A game in which a team “throws in the towel” and concedes when it falls too far behind its opponent.

c) A game in which a player shoots 10 open frames.

3 – What is a “field goal?”

a) A score of three pins in a frame.

b) A ball rolled between two pins of a wide split without knocking down either pin.

c) When a player kicks the ball return after a poor shot.

4 – What is “smashmouth” bowling?

a) Rolling a blazing fastball at the head pin.

b) Bowling before the pins are re-set.

c) When a bowler’s shot results in the chipping of a pin, which then has to be replaced.

5 – What is a “garbage hit?”

a) A direct hit on the head pin on a strike ball that nets only five pins.

b) A hit that causes a pin to wobble but not fall.

c) A badly thrown shot but one that still results in a strike.

6 – What is “throwing rocks?”

a) Piling up strikes with a speed ball.

b) Caving into pressure on the last two frames.

c) Throwing repeated gutter balls.

7 – What is a “sixpack?

a) Six strikes in a row.

b) Six opens in a row.

c) Six spares in a row.

8 – What is “perfect game?”

a) A score of 300, or a game of all strikes, 12 in all.

b) A score of 300, or a game of all strikes, 10 in all.

c) A score of 200.

9 – What is a “turkey?”

a) Three strikes in a row.

b) A bowler who lets his or her team down in the 10th frame.

c) A derogatory term for a league member who continually bowls on the wrong lane.

10 – What is an “anchor?”

a) The last person to bowl for a team in league play. This player is usually the best bowler and the most clutch performer.

b) A bowler whose abnormally low score keeps the team from winning.

c) Another term for the 7-10 split.

Here are the answers:

1a; 2a; 3b; 4a; 5c; 6a; 7a; 8a; 9a; 10a


9-10 correct: A kingpin.

7-8: An expert.

5-6: Still learning the game.

0-4: Needs to enroll in a college bowling course.

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