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Here’s the first trailer for the ‘Minecraft’ City Texture Pack on Xbox 360

4J Studios released the City Texture Pack for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition on Friday, giving fans the tools necessary to design urban landscapes thanks to a new selection of modern building textures within the popular sandbox creation game. PlayXBLA, the official website for Xbox Live Arcade, released the first trailer for new texture pack add-on on March 7 in order to provide an example of the kind of city architecture that players are able to build thanks to the new DLC.

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition
4J Studios

All structures shown in the video were created by 4J Studios and inspired by the Waterfront district of Dundee, Scotland where the developer is located. As is made evident from the trailer, the City Texture Pack contains a variety of block reskins that allow for the placement of different modern building materials such as steel, cement, glass, and bricks. Using the new textures together with each other gives fans everything they need to create any metropolis of their imagining.

Like other texture pack releases before it, the City Texture Pack doesn’t simply change the appearance of Minecraft’s different building blocks. The new DLC also alters the look of all in-game NPCs so that they look more at home in their new urban settings. Villagers, creepers, zombies, and all other creatures that make up both the friendly and aggressive factions of Minecraft can now be found wearing business suits.

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition is now available via Xbox Live Arcade or on store shelves. Moving forward, 4J Studios continues to work on Title Update 14 for the Xbox 360 version of the game which will introduce Adventure Mode to the game. Additionally, the developer plans to bring next-gen editions of Minecraft to Xbox One and PS4 in the future.

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