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Here's Johnny: Lost Limbs at the Stanley Hotel

The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado will come to life Friday and Saturday, November 14 and 15, 2014, when the Lost Limbs Foundation comes to call.

Flyer for the November Lost Limbs Foundation charity event at the Stanley Hotel.
Lost Limbs Foundation
Ghosts in the works.

The Lost Limbs Foundation will be hosting a charity event on these dates at the Stanley to benefit children who are struggling with an issue that many of us take for granted—the loss of a limb. Founder Mike Couch strongly believes in the journey, with his mission statement clearly stating—“to provide financial aid for families of amputee children in need of medical and prosthetic assistance.”

Scheduled guest speakers are currently Ben Hansen, Chip Coffey, and Dana Workman.

Former FBI agent Ben Hansen is television host and lead paranormal investigator of SyFy Channel’s Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files. The series first aired in July of 2010 and took a critical look at paranormal activities circulating throughout our physical world. However, as of February of 2014, SyFy had not announced any continuation of the series. Ben is in demand for lectures and is a frequent speaker across the country. He is also a strong advocate with the cause of the Lost Limbs Foundation.

Chip Coffey is a veteran psychic currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia. Chip puts his own unique spin on the realm of the paranormal and helping folks to deal with what is suddenly happening in their lives. He was formerly a frequent guest on the A&E networks Paranormal State and shared hosting duties on Psychic Kids, helping children come to grips with their own psychic abilities.

Dana Workman has a background in hosting, producing, and reporting across the television network, having duties not only in front but also behind the camera. She is currently involved with another SyFy endeavorHaunted Highway—with Jack Osbourne (Ozzy’s son). Haunted Highway’s run began on July 3, 2012 and the team (including former Josh Gates and Destination Truth alumni, Jael de Pardo) comes face to face with first-person investigations along America’s remote back roads.

Colorado’s Stanley Hotel is one hour from Denver and less than six miles from the Rocky Mountain National Park. It opened in 1909 and has long been the recipient of paranormal activity. Its claim to fame was being the inspiration for Stephen King’s third novel The Shining when he and his wife checked in just as the tourist season was drawing to a seasonal close. What occurred from his experiences I feel resulted in his best novel.

The Shining book produced two films. The 1980 Stanley Kubrick film, with a comedic performance by actor Jack Nicholson, was based very loosely upon the novel, with certain poetic license being liberally taken. The 1997 television mini-series stayed along the lines of King’s original intent, and was actually filmed at the Stanley Hotel.

The Lost Limbs Foundation has included a pre-party on Thursday, November 13, and on the days to follow a meet & greet, lectures, a gallery reading with Chip Coffey, and a paranormal investigation with “special guests.”

There are various packages which can be purchased to fit your own individual needs and level of involvement. Ticket information is on the Lost Limbs Foundation website. The Stanley Hotel is offering a discounted price on rooms for the event.

Make the journey for a cause that will have an impact for a child in need, and at the same time, personally experience the mysteries of the Stanley Hotel for yourselves in the process!

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