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Here’s how the map conquest mechanic of ‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ will work

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With a larger emphasis being placed on exploration in Dragon Age: Inquisition than has been seen in previous installments of the series, gamers can expect to see a number of new gameplay features introduced that take advantage of the title’s larger map sizes. One such new mechanic that was detailed in a Gameranx report on Aug. 6 will be the addition of a map conquest system that will allow gamers to take over different playable regions of the game in order to establish Inquisition camps throughout the world.

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While Dragon Age: Inquisition will feature a much larger map to explore, Bioware doesn’t describe the game as having an open world setting due to the fact that the different areas that make up Orlais are still segmented as fully enclosed zones. As players progress through the story, each of these separate regions act like micro worlds of their own. Each area has its own ecosystem, quests, and objectives.

As parts of each zone are cleared, players will be given the option to establish an Inquisition camp to further exert control of the surrounding lands. Besides providing a physical presence of the player faction in the game world, setting up a camp will allow Inquisition scouts to gather resources from the region that gamers can then spend to fund their army’s various operations.

In addition to creating camps, players will also be able to mark key locations on their map in order to gain additional tools on how the Inquisition should govern specific regions. After an area has been marked, fans will be able to issue orders on how to deal with the region’s unique issues from a central war room of their player base.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is releasing on both the new and old generation of consoles and PC on Nov. 18. Despite an overall focus being placed on exploration for the upcoming game, players won’t be able to simply venture to any part of the map from the beginning since access to certain areas will be blocked until certain completion criteria is met.