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This Infrared Heater Works Great!

Cough, sniffle, sneeze! Is it a cold? Or maybe the flu?? Before you jump to a conclusion, let's do some exploring first. Do you have a furnace? If so when is the last time you cleaned your furnace filter? Dirt and dust might be blowing through the ductwork with the warm air. Another factor to consider is that heat generally displaces the moisture in the air. Whether you choose to replace the moisture with a humidifier or a pot of water simmering on the stove, moisture is an important consideration. Why? Well just because winter arrives does not mean that germs and viruses come with it. They are present all year round but the difference is that at other times of the year, inside our homes and offices, there is sufficient moisture provided in our nasal passages to act as a barrier against these invaders. We all produce a common slime that protects germs and viruses from entering our nasal passages, but once this slime dries out, these invaders have an open door to enter our bodies. We then become a host to these unwelcome invaders who come to visit us for awhile and make our lives miserable.

This year I purchased an XtremePower USA portable infrared heater on Before making any purchase I usually do alot of research on a product's attributes. This one came equipped with an air cleaner, air purifier, and a humble humidifier that is small but an added plus to add moisture to the air. Through my research, I also discovered that infrared heat has the ability to heat objects, including you, instead of just the air as other heating alternatives do. Some more advantages of infrared heat is that it can penetrate and soothe sore muscles and joints and also has anti-aging properties that are beneficial to the skin. Now after shoveling snow and exposing my face to the elements that had me sold at the gate!

I chose the infrared heater in a black plastic cabinet, although they do come in a variety of wood grain finishes. I chose an infrared heater with a plastic instead of a wood cabinet since they are much lighter and easier to move from room to room. Also, this infrared heater comes with four large caster wheels that makes moving it a breeze. This does not replace my conventional heating system, but it allows me to conserve energy and keep my thermostat set low. I like to use my infrared heater to add that extra warmth to wherever I might be for awhile, like writing this article!


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