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Here’s an ultimate bowling quiz

Barry Gurney was perhaps the top bowler to come out of the San Fernando Valley.
Barry Gurney was perhaps the top bowler to come out of the San Fernando Valley.
Courtesy of Barry Gurney family

This story originally ran Jan. 20, 2012 and is being re-run with an update.

It's time for the ultimate bowling quiz – one that tests one's knowledge of the game's history, terminology and current events.

The answers and grades will be presented at the end of the quiz.

But first – here's some bowling humor to get in the mood of taking an examination:

“If you don't knock all the pins down on the first ball, please spare me the details.”


“Strikes are like hot dates – they're satisfying and make you want a lot more.”


“Getting strikes is like lining up a great date; you need a smart approach and terrific follow through.”

Now that you're ready (hopefully), here goes:

1 – How many strikes are needed for a perfect game?

a) 10
b) 12
c) 14
d) 16

2 – More Americans take part in bowling than in any other sport. Bowling's popularity extends into other countries, particularly which two nations?

a) Canada and Japan
b) Mexico and the Soviet Union
c) China and Vietnam
d) Italy and Poland

3 – Don Carter, known as Mr. Bowling, was the game's original superstar. He died in January 2012. In which era did he thrive?

a) 1980s
b) 1970s
c) 1950s and 1960s
d) 1930s and 1940s

4 – Who was the first bowler to earn more than $100,000 in a season (1975) and $1,000,000 in his lifetime?

a) Dick Hoover
b) Earl Anthony
c) Mark Roth
d) Dick Weber

5 – Left-handed professional bowlers collect more than 50 percent of all the earnings. Which two talented bowlers are left-handed?

a) Ray Bluth and Walter Ray Williams Jr.
b) Earl Anthony and Barry Gurney
c) Brian Voss and Dave Soutar
d) Chris Barnes and Parker Bohn

6 – One baseball player enjoyed an 11-year career in the majors, including three seasons with the Los Angeles Dodgers from 1974 to 1976. He went on to flourish as an amateur bowler in Los Angeles 30 years later. Who is he?

a) Rick Sutcliffe
b) Rick Monday
c) Rick Dempsey
d) Rick Auerbach

7 – A “fit split” is:

a) When a player goes through histrionics after realizing the outcome of his shot is not what he wanted
b) A split where it is possible for the ball to hit both pins
c) Dissension on a team as to which order the players should bowl
d) Another term for “grandma's teeth” – an array of pins that looks like a mouth with missing teeth

8 – One of the most popular bowling movies is “The Big Lebowski,” a 1998 comedy about Jeff Lebowski, an unemployed Los Angeles slacker and avid bowler known as “The Dude.” Who played Lebowski?

a) Beau Bridges
b) Jeff Bridges
c) Lloyd Bridges
d) Brad PItt

9 – The “dinner bucket” is:

a) A four-pin diamond on the sides or center of the lane
b) A bowler's prize for the night's high game during league play
c) The 4-6-7-10 split
d) A prize for bowling the same score three straight games

10 – Jeremy Sonnenfeld of Sioux Falls, S.D., made bowling history on Feb. 2, 1997. What did he do?

a) Became the first person to roll three sanctioned perfect games in a three-game series
b) Converted two 7-10 splits in the same game in a tournament
c) Rolled a 300 game bowling the first five frames left-handed and the next five frames right-handed
d) Rolled the fastest ball ever recorded, 38 mph (and it went for a strike!)

Here are the answers:

1 – b
2 – a
3 – c
4 – b
5 – b Barry Gurney, perhaps the preeminent bowler to come out of the San Fernando Valley, died in July at 71 after a battle with cancer. Gurney, who lived in West Hills, was a four-time Professional Bowlers Assn. PBA50 Tour champion who joined the PBA Senior Tour in 1991. Previously, he worked as a heavy equipment operator for the city of Glendale.
6 – d
7 – b
8 – b
9 – a
10 – a
9-10 right: A kingpin
7-8 right: An expert
5-6 right: Still learning the game
Under 5: Need to brush up on the finer points of the game

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