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Here It Goes Again

Thanks to celebrities such as Cara Delevingne and Lily Collins big eyebrows are all the rage. Big and full eyebrows are in such high demand that many women are undergoing eyebrow transplants to achieve the thick eyebrow look. Women are going to great lengths to look as if they were naturally blessed with ample eyebrows but let's be real not everyone is born with big eyebrows. And not all of us can blame genetics for that. Some of us have gone tweezer happy at times and took too much off or like me some of us have tried to follow the trend of the late 90s and early 2000s and plucked away the little we had. Growing up my mother warned and warned me that over plucking my eyebrows was a mistake. Why oh why didn’t I listen?!

Find Your Perfect Shape.
Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images
Lily Collins - Eyebrows

Wouldn't it be great if there was a way for you to fix and improve the look of your eyebrows? Yes, you could use make-up but filling them in with make-up every single day seems like too much of a hassle and getting a transplant does not sound fun or cheap. I thought to myself that there had to be a way to not only regrow my own eyebrows but to grow them thick and wide. Thus off I went to find a fast and easy way to regrow my eyebrows. I was advised that to get the result I was aiming for I would have to wait at least a year. A year of walking around with cavewoman eyebrows did not sound appealing. So I made it my mission to regrow my eyebrows in at least 6 months and did it in 3.

Not only was I able to regrow my eyebrows, I learned something important about the caterpillars that grace the top of our eyes. But first things first let me tell you the secret to not only regrowing eyebrows to as if you have never butchered them but to grow them nice, big and full. The first step is to put down the tweezers, have a friend hide them if you have to. And delete the number of the salon that you go to for threading or waxing. You will need to do all you can to fight the need to tweeze and get your eyebrows done.

Here is what you'll need to regrow your eyebrows:

  • Brow oil
  • Rogaine
  • Vitamins
  • Eyebrow shaver
  • Eyebrow brush

Brow oil:

Everyone knows that almond oil and coconut oil is great for hair growth. These oils moisturize the scalp and roots to help hair grow. Now, if you are like me putting oil on your face is a big no-no. Putting oil on my face only leads to break outs. So what's a girl to do? Thanks to the wonderful eyebrow experts at Henri Bendel’s Blink Brow Bar I came upon their B Nourishing Brow Oil. This godsend has sweet almond oil to nourish, rosemary oil to stimulate hair growth and lavender and sandalwood to calm and balance the skin. The best part is that it won’t break you out! Now at $30 it’s not exactly cheap but it is worth it. Ladies, it helps the hair grow long and it will last you the three months with extra left over that you can later use on your head. I would apply the brow oil only at night. The oil can leave your eyebrows shiny and I didn’t want to walk around with shiny eyebrows all day. It was bad enough that I was starting to look like I walked out of some prehistoric exhibit.


Now while the brow oil helped my eyebrows grow faster. It didn’t grow new hair as quickly as I wanted. I read a few beauty articles that suggested Rogaine. Rogaine can cost as much as $50 and I wanted to keep the cost of this mission low, so I found Equate Hair Regrowth Treatment for Women. You can buy a set of three bottles of Equate at your local Walmart for $19.99. Equate works just as well as Rogaine and is great at promoting new hair growth. I would put some of the solution onto a brush and then run the brush through my eyebrows in the beginning of each day. Please be careful not to put too much solution on the brush and allow it to drip into your eyes!


I was advised to take vitamins to help with the growing process. Now you should be eating a healthy diet of vegetables and fruits and taking in plenty of proteins. Your skin, nails and hair look their best when you eat well. The vitamins will give your system an extra boost but it still needs a jumping point and that point is a healthy and well balanced diet. As for the vitamins, I was given three options by three different sources. I was advised to try Biotin, Biosil and Viviscal. Biotin was the cheapest at $5.99 but I saw very little to no difference. Biosil costs about $24.99 and I did notice an increase in new hair growth while I was taking it. It also helped my nails grow longer and stronger. Now with Viviscal my hair grew at the same rate as Biosil. The difference between the two is that Viviscal costs more at $49.99 and it does nothing for your nails. It does however make the hair on your head come in thicker. So if you want thicker hair on your head as an extra bonus go with Viviscal. If you want to grow your nails along with your hair go with Biosil.

Eyebrow shavers:

As the hair started to come in I would try to give it some order so that I wouldn’t look completely wild. Leave the hairs that grow closest to your eyebrows alone and shave off the ones that are the farthest. Growing your hair in rows will make it easier for you to succumb to temptation and start looking for the tweezer.

Eyebrow brush:

An eyebrow brush will not only help you apply the Equate but will help you brush the hairs into something that at least looks like an eyebrow.

As you have noticed nowhere did I say, “Fill in the eyebrow with make-up until it grows fully.” Putting make-up on just disrupts the process when you wipe off the make up at night before bed and take along with it strands. It’s a sick cycle carousel.

After months of fighting off the desire to tweeze or to walk into a salon, the glorious moment was upon me. I finally had full eyebrows! Next, I sat out to find an eyebrow specialist to shape my eyebrows. Eyebrow specialists can be pricey, I am not going to lie to you but they are worth it. They sculpt eyebrows according to each client’s bone structure, eyes, age and hair type. No cookie cutter shapes here. I advise you to see a specialist at least for your initial shaping and then simply go to an affordable one for maintenance. Now, finding one that was great and didn’t charge up the wazoo was no easy task. Luckily, I heard about Robert Sweet Williams. This perfectionist works at Barney’s on Madison Ave in NY and won’t let you leave until your eyebrows are up to his standards.

But I am getting ahead of myself. During my research I came upon the history of eyebrows and how ‘what-eyebrow-look-is-hot’ is constantly changing. In the ancient times of the Romans and Greeks, the look was full and natural. During the middle ages women plucked their eyebrows heavily to achieve the barely-there look that was popular. In the 80s brows were thick and plentiful, the 90s thin and over plucked. Eyebrows just can't seem to stand still. So I thought to myself, I did all this work and for what? So in the next decade or so the trend will be thin and I will go back to skinny eyebrows? This back forth did not sound ideal. It sounded like a waste of time. Then I realized that they were many women who for decades have been examples of beauty such as Michelle Pfeiffer with her thin eyebrows and Brooke Shields with her full ones. Through the years they have had constant eyebrows. They find the shape and size that fits their face best and stick to it.

So when I went to see Mr. Williams, I asked him to please excuse my Tarzan-like eyebrows but that I had been trying to grow them big and full. He asked me if I would like him to keep them full, I signed and responded, “No...I would like you to shape them in the shape and size that will look best on ME.” I laid there as he tweezed away weeks and weeks of work. After about 15 or so minutes I looked in the mirror and my eyebrows were thin. Not as thin as they used to be but not full like I wanted. I was hoping that he would conclude that my face looked best with full eyebrows but he didn’t.

Don’t get me wrong. I look better, much better! I look more alert, my cheek bones look more defined and my lips look fuller…somehow. Even though I did not end up with the eyebrows I wanted I look better. I guess you can say I ended up with the eyebrows I needed. My point is that you can use this article to grow full eyebrows that fit the current trend or you can use them to give yourself a fresh start and get the shape that fits your face. It’s up to you.

***Click on the picture of Cara Delevingne to see more beautiful women showcasing eyebrows of all shapes and sizes.

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