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Here comes the summer and it’s all right

A day at the beach
A day at the beach
Bob Langham

Somehow, May is already here, and summer is dying to show Houston who’s the boss in these parts when it comes to seasons.

Hot town summer in the city

Although Houston has been deceived and distracted by some mild and pleasant temperatures in late April and early May, no one is complaining about being willfully mislead, for now. When summer comes to town, and it’ll be soon, it will have no mercy on this city. There will be no shortage of complaining about the heat and the humidity then. People are going to be crankier and less patient with shorter fuses. All it will take to push someone over the edge is for one person with poor judgment to say, “Is it hot enough for ya?” When this happens, all bets are off. Don’t get caught in the crossfire. Take a musical tip from Kool and the Gang -You gotta run for shelter. You gotta run for shade. Lay low until summer packs up and leaves town, hopefully by October. However, summer is notorious for overstaying its welcome in Houston.

In the meantime, to help you ride the impending, merciless heat wave about to wash over this town, you can listen to the summer-related tunes below and hope an early and lengthy fall is on the horizon.

Cure for the summertime blues

Eagles’ vocalist and drummer Henley nails the lazy, laid back feel of summer as he reminisces about and longs for the season to return with all of its treasures and trappings.

Rusted Root may be a jam band from Pittsburgh, but this tune with the sun at the center of its universe is tailor made for Houston in July and August when summers are at their most extreme.

This fragile tune is a reminder that summer isn't all beaches and fun in the sun for everyone. It examines summer in the big city and the inherent loneliness and isolation which is implicit with both.

Havens is able to takes this George Harrison tune of sun worship and add his own personal touch, with a fresh sound and somehow give it more life and energy than the original with an acoustic guitar and a little help from his friends.

Despite its browser dangerous title, if you’re not inspired to grab your friends, put the top down on the car, and make a pilgrimage to the beach when you hear this song, then maybe you should be summering at your winter home.

This simple little celebratory tune by a California-based band, takes you back to the beach party movies of the ‘60s but with a modern day perspective on shedding all of the burdens of the daily grind for fun and frivolity in the sand and surf. Like its beach party movie sing-along predecessors, this song makes you want to suit up and join the party.

Some summer memories are tied to events on dry land. Journey tapped into the pulse of its young fan base in the ‘80s with this tune reminiscing about those unforgettable summer nights filled with youthful romance.

Springsteen does what he does best in this upbeat tune, celebrating the power of music to recapture an emotion and take you to a time and place where the sun shines down on you and all is right in the world.

Summers are usually too hot in Houston for most people to drive around town without air conditioning in their car. However, there's nothing more cathartic than rolling the windows down on a summer day, turning up your tunes on the radio, and driving with the wind in your face and the music in your ears as you dismiss the trivialities of life.

Van “the man” Morrison is the master of painting a musical landscape with a few words delivered from his soul to yours. This tune is no exception as he equates youth with summertime, a truth you unfortunately don’t realize until your youth and joy of the summer season have long since passed.

This Houston band is all too familiar with the harshness and the allure of summer in this city. This tune masterfully captures the helpless feeling as summer slips through your fingers and flutters away. It’s no accident that this song was written by and performed by the two members in the band who happen to have day jobs as school teachers. The heartfelt conviction of this tune demonstrates how they must share a similar sense of loss and pain as their students when summer winds down every year. To read an extended review of “I’m Gonna Miss You Like Crazy” click here.

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