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Here comes the reported mudslides and heavy winds

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The rains in California are causing mudslides, which were predicted because of the summer wildfires.

At one house you could see a waterfall coming off a hill hitting the dirt, which is at the bottom of the waterfall. The water was picking up the dirt, which turned into mud, and then rolls of the hill. The water has very little mud, since the mud, so far, is being held back by brush that grew right after a wildfire. But the problem, according to the owner of the house is that"...the heavier the rain, the dirt it picks up near the brush, which was held back, will be forced through the brush onto his lawn then onto to his house.

This was only one house owner's opinion about the the waterfall, on the mountain, that he could see from his house. Each house in the neighborhood will have similar problems because they face the mountain where the waterfall is located.

Another problem these home owners will be facing is heavy winds. The summer wildfires burned the trees, which help to hold back the wind from hitting their houses. These are the main problems that the owners of the homes are facing with rain storms and the heavy winds that are to be expected in the next few months.