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‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’: Mama June makes Sugar Bear sick

Photo courtesy of Public Domain/Wikipedia Commons, used with permission.

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” returns with two episodes in one night, and Sugar Bear is suffering because of Mama June. However, on Wednesday, the official Facebook page for the show focused on teaching fans how to make Mama June’s famous sweet lemonade. The family continues to deal with several issues including a competition for a spare room.

Mama June has decided to teach viewers how to make her popular sweet lemonade, and she reveals the first step is using lemon juice because she does not want to squeeze fresh lemons. She shares that she uses five to six lemon juice bottles for a large container of her lemonade. Once her plastic jug is partially full, she begins to add sugar directly from a bag and constantly tastes her creation with a spoon. She claims she ends up using the entire bag of sugar, so the lemonade has at least a pound of sugar and possibly more.

Although June focuses on her sweet lemonade, this is not what makes Sugar Bear sick. In the second episode of the new season, titled “Yodega,” Mama June’s complaints make him stressed out and sick. He decides that relaxation will cure him, so he tries yodega and other techniques. June is forced to face the possibility that her nagging is affecting his health in a negative way.

TLC plans to air the third episode, titled “Bingo Face,” on the same night as the second episode. This Thursday, Mama June will once again focus on her extreme couponing to save money, and Sugar Bear wants to exploit this. Her daughters are focused on their own problems because they have decided that being nice will let one of them win the competition for the spare room. However, they eventually discover the truth about the contest and the room.