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Here are some outdoor gardening tips to grow your best garden

You might need a rabbit fence to protect your garden from rabbits and other wild animals.
You might need a rabbit fence to protect your garden from rabbits and other wild animals.
Dan Vale

Gardening is a science and art that preppers would do well to cultivate. This article discusses some ways that preppers can accomplish that.

There are reasons why preppers should consider an investment in additional soil for their gardens. The soil that some preppers are using for their gardens, for example, might be an inferior soil, such as clay. Also, their soil might be worn out after several growing seasons.

If either of these soil conditions apply, preppers can save money by buying their soil by the trailer load. Also, if preppers buy soil from stores, they could buy the soil in the off season when it is cheaper. Then, preppers would store the soil until spring.

Preppers should water their gardens at least once a day. If they can water their gardens twice a day, their results will be even better. Around sunrise and sunset are the best times to water their gardens. If it rains, nature has saved preppers some time and water. If water is scarce, rain barrels could help to collect water for gardens.

Preppers should check their gardens each day for insect infestation. The faster that preppers treat their gardens to get rid of the insect pests, the less damage these insects will be able to do, and the easier it will be to get rid of these insects. If the insect pests are too well established in preppers’ tomato crops, for example, preppers might have to harvest their tomatoes while they are still green and unaffected by the infestation of the red tomatos. Then, preppers will be dining on fried green tomatoes.

Wild animals, such as rabbits, also can be a problem for preppers’ gardens. Preppers can protect their gardens from such pests with products such as rabbit fences.

Some of the many advantages of gardens include the:

  1. Maintenance of good physical health and agility.
  2. Pleasure of making things grow.
  3. Good feelings of partial food independence.
  4. Bonding that neighbors can establish by trading food from each others’ gardens.
  5. Education that prepper’s children receive when they better understand how food is grown.

What type of food do you grow in your garden? What gardening advice can you pass along? Please comment below.

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