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Here are some more 900-series bowling prospects

Bob Englehart is having a strong 2014 despite bowling on two bum knees.
Bob Englehart is having a strong 2014 despite bowling on two bum knees.
Fred Eisenhammer

We’re just getting started on our list of potential 900 series bowlers from the L.A. County area. When one of these bowlers finally achieves this feat, we can say that we weren’t surprised.

Earlier this week, we cited Bryan Alpert, Charles Kenny, Johnnie Englehart, Bill Plummer and Kelly Gold as some of the local players who are threats for that super exclusive 300-300-300 club.

Nationwide, the United States Bowlers Congress credits 25 bowlers (all men) with that accomplishment.

Here are other local possibilities:

Bob Englehart: No list of potential local 300-300-300 bowlers would be complete without Bob Englehart, a local legend. With his trademark high backswing and sweet left-handed stroke, Bob is a mesmerizing figure when he launches his missiles. He’s added three more 300 games and three 800 series this year to give him 33 perfect games and 24 800s. Bob even set a personal best with an 845 series (279, 268, 298) this year – and he did it with two bum knees.

Troy Gibson: Troy has ripped at least one honors score (300 or 800 series) every year since 2008 and he’s done it without practicing and bowling just once a week in league play. Troy delivers a powerful and explosive shot that sends pins scattering. He’s been bowling on the same league team as Bob Englehart, providing the right-handed complement to Bob’s left-handed shot. The two often match strike for strike and strike for strike and strike for strike during games, providing a formidable 1-2 punch.

Rick Auerbach: One of Rick’s favorite lines is his philosophy on pressure: “What I always tell everyone is that pressure is self-inflicted. There’s no such thing as pressure. It’s what you put in your brain.” One thing about Rick, a former major leaguer with an 11-year career: He bowls like he enjoys pressure; as a matter of fact, he seems to thrive under pressure. No wonder he’s never bowled a 299. No way would he misfire on his last shot. Rick, a right-hander, has notched four 300 games and an 818 series.

Robin Romeo: If Robin isn’t the top bowler in the area, she’s certainly the most decorated. The Newhall right-hander added to her laurels last month when she climbed the stairs of the stepladder finals with three victories to claim the USBC Senior Queens title in Reno, Nev. Robin is a USBC Hall of Famer who two years earlier won the U.S. Senior Women’s Open to become the first woman to win both a U.S. Women’s Open and Senior U.S. Women’s Open championship. Many people call her the best coach in the area and she provides monthly tutelage at Corbin Bowl in Tarzana.

This list of local 900 prospects is far from complete. We’ll be adding to it.

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