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Here are possible, current, Chicago business cards

In Chicago in times past, ice men delivered ice blocks; paper boys threw newspapers onto porches; milkmen delivered milk to homes; coal trucks delivered coal to residential coal bins; and radios broadcasted comedy and news to Chicago’s listeners. These past times were from Chicago’s founding until approximately the late 1950s. Most of the practitioners of the aforementioned occupations could not afford their own business cards.

Most of Chicago's biologists probably work in one of Chicago's many universities or colleges. They know if an earthworm has a skeleton.
Most of Chicago's biologists probably work in one of Chicago's many universities or colleges. They know if an earthworm has a skeleton.
Vernon Brookins
In Chicago, an ornithologist is likely to have thoroughly studied Canada Geese.
© 2014 Vernon Brookins

Nowadays, if your refrigerator does not produce ice, you can usually buy some at service stations and convenience stores. If you wish to read the Chicago Sun-times of Chicago Tribune, you can get home delivery via subscription in your mail box or on your porch, but if do not wish to subscribe, you can purchase newspapers at many convenience stores and many grocery stores. All Chicago residences now use electric or gas instead of coal. Radios still broadcast comedy and news, but televisions does it better while live or recorded video. More people have their own business cards.

Local, Chicago-land, government workers are unlikely to have their own business cards. For quick service, you can attempt to contact them via telephone, but you will likely be put on hold for many minutes. A less urgent option is via email using computers and the Internet.

White collar workers like people in the medical profession, accounting professionals, lawyers, art professionals and self-employed technicians almost certainly have their own business cards. Graphic designers can quickly and inexpensively produce such cards. Using ink jet printers, people in these occupations can print their own business cards, which will of course be less professional.

Business cards can become art exhibits when they include photos, clip art, unusual compositions and unusual fonts. A business card’s photo of a live Tasmanian Devil is more interesting than one of a turtle. A business card that has a three-color, linear gradient is more artistic than one that has a solid color background. Portrait orientation is more interesting than landscape orientation. The Rosewood Standard Regular font is more artistic than the Times New Roman font.

In order to appear as art exhibits, business cards will need to be remarkably artistic. If artists intend to exhibit one card, the framed card should be large, perhaps 16 inches x 20 inches. (Of course, such a large business card would not fit into pants’ pockets.)

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