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Herbert changes tune; now concerned about cost of some illegal aliens

Utah governor Gary Herbert, along with five other governors, recently sent a letter to President Obama expressing concern about the large numbers of unaccompanied minors entering the United States. In that letter, the governors wrote:

We are concerned that there will be significant numbers who will end up using the public schools, social services and health systems largely funded by the states. More importantly, we are concerned that the failure to return the unaccompanied children will send a message that will encourage a much larger movement towards our southern border.

A short-time later, following the announcement that 67 unaccompanied, illegal alien children had been placed in Utah by the United States Department of Health and Human Services, Herbert again expressed concern about the costs that this will impose on the state of Utah.

This is the first time that Herbert has acknowledged any costs associated with illegal aliens in Utah or admitted that the failure to deport illegal aliens may actually encourage more illegal immigration. In fact, Herbert has consistently and unquestionably supported the Salt Lake Chamber’s initiatives designed to encourage unlimited numbers of illegal aliens and their families to come to the United States, to come to Utah, and to steal Utah children’s identities in order to get jobs in Utah.

In 2011, Herbert signed the Chamber’s HB116 into law thereby putting Utah on record as supporting legal status (amnesty) for millions of illegal aliens, including those using the stolen identities of tens of thousands of Utah children. Herbert also embraced the Chamber’s pro-amnesty, Utah Compact which equates illegal aliens with legal immigrants. He continues to support Utah’s in-state college tuition program despite its cost to the taxpayers and he supports Utah’s driving privilege card for illegal aliens although it serves as an enticement for illegal aliens to come to Utah.

In his statements of concern about unaccompanied, illegal alien minors, Herbert failed to explain why he is now addressing the costs of illegal immigration after years of supporting the Salt Lake Chamber’s efforts to ensure an endless supply of illegal workers for its members while passing the social, health and educational costs of those workers’ children onto Utah taxpayers.

Herbert also offered no explanation of why HB116 and other illegal immigrant friendly programs run by the state of Utah are of no concern to him despite the fact that they encourage tens of thousands of illegal aliens and their families to move “towards our southern border.”

Could it be because the current wave of illegal immigrants is made up of children under working age as opposed to low-cost, easily exploited working age individuals that the Salt Lake Chamber demands in order to maximize its members’ profits?

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