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Herbal sun tea

Relaxing on the deck with a glass of homemade herbal sun tea.
Relaxing on the deck with a glass of homemade herbal sun tea.
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A great way to use your garden fresh herbs is to use the power of the sun to brew them into a delicate herbal sun tea. To make sun tea however, caution should be taken to only use the fresh herbs and clean glass jar for brewing. Check out some of these tips.

Delicious as iced tea, your herbal sun tea can really be refreshing.
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  • Use fresh picked herbs-use your herbs as soon as you can after harvest. Do not allow them to sit and wilt or decay.
  • Use a clean jar and clean, fresh water-Always think about food safety when brewing sun tea.
  • Do not over fill the jar Place a portion of herbs in the bottom of the quart jar, and fill with water. A good ratio is 1/4 full of herbs and 3/4 full of clean water. Then strain and add ice.
  • Watch carefully- The fresh herbs give off flavor quite easily, and then become a wilted mess if left too long.

Signs of spoilage- signs that your tea has spoiled and should not be used are:
1. Previously clear water has become cloudy.
2. Bulging lid - The lid of your jar should never be bulging or pop off.
3. Bubbles appear - Your sun tea should not be fermenting. Discard any sun tea that has this appearance.
4. Stinky smell - Herbal sun tea should smell fresh with herbal undertones.

Brew your fresh herbal sun tea for no more than 4 hours, use the freshest herbs possible, and keep an eye on the process. Enjoy!

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